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Managed Services

What We Offer

MarkLogic Managed Services allows our customers to focus on transforming their businesses instead of administering databases and procuring infrastructure. You can outsource the day-to-day database operations to technology experts, allowing your IT staff to spend more time supporting your core business needs.

MarkLogic keeps your business-critical workloads running in the cloud as expected through round-the-clock management and monitoring ─ as you focus on creating bottom-line improvements. Your organization benefits from an available, scalable, and secure solution.

Focus on Innovation

With deep experience running MarkLogic software for mission-critical workloads as a managed service, we enable you to focus on managing your data and enhancing your applications running on your MarkLogic database cluster managed by MarkLogic and leading cloud providers.

Scale as Needed

MarkLogic Managed Services is designed to meet your changing needs.

Add additional capacity to your existing clusters as you store more data in MarkLogic, or add new clusters for new use cases and temporary testing environments—we can accommodate your needs as they change on a weekly or permanent basis. We also proactively monitor your cluster health to work with you on potential additional capacity needs.

Operate Efficiently

MarkLogic offers flexible management level options for clusters that can work with different client workloads and required responsiveness. These options are designed for mission-critical environments with stringent uptime requirements and for non-mission-critical environments as well. MarkLogic will work with you to identify the right fit.

Ask the Experts

Do you have the flexibility to store your data on the infrastructure of your choice without giving up control of it? Leverage MarkLogic’s expertise and best practices for your database management operations. Contact us to learn more about MarkLogic Managed Services flexible management options, response time expectations, and cost structure.

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