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Co-Implementation Support

Consulting Services

Successfully implement, develop knowledge around, and gain real Return On Investment (ROI) with help from MarkLogic Consulting Services. We’re committed to enabling customers and partners do the following:

  • Select the best application of MarkLogic technology
  • Identify and ramp the right team to complete implementation, as well as support the system in production
  • Implement high-value business solutions leveraging MarkLogic

We assist you with initial critical functionality, train and mentor your staff over project iterations, and transition into an advisory capacity over time, as needed.

Our consultants bring MarkLogic expertise to every project. Depending on your needs, we can do the following:

  • Provide high-level technical guidance, including best practices and lessons learned across similar deployments
  • Design and develop code, scripts, and data pipelines that leverage structured and unstructured data integrated from multiple sources
  • Assist customer and/or partner staff with implementation tasks (e.g. development, data conversion, administration, testing, and training)
  • Complete periodic design reviews
  • Collaborate in the creation of a Center of Excellence around MarkLogic within your organization

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