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How can MarkLogic Consulting support your needs? Explore our flexible engagement models below.

Implementation Support

We assist with initial critical functionality during development, train and mentor your staff over project iterations, and transition into an advisory capacity over time.

Expert Advice

We combine formal and informal knowledge-transfer to support technical teams. When you need them most, you can rely on our implementation experts.

Full-Service Development

We cover all aspects of application development and platform adoption, providing progress updates and eliciting feedback throughout the process.

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Resourcing Your MarkLogic Implementation

Implementing a MarkLogic project is a fairly straightforward process, but there are some important differences from the legacy relational approach. Learn how to structure a MarkLogic project, identify the right roles, and ensure that your existing team(s) has what they need to succeed.


8 Weeks to a Working Pilot

From scope and prioritization, to sprints and iterations, to demonstrations and handoff, we can get you started quickly in just eight short weeks.

See what we can do in 8 weeks

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Agile Delivery

We leverage a Delivery Methodology that enables successful implementation while developing in-house knowledge and skills, and produces real Return On Investment (ROI) with the rapid deployment of mission-critical applications.

Read about our delivery methodology

Center of Excellence

To get the most value out of your MarkLogic investment, we can help ensure you acquire the necessary tools, skills, and processes to be self-supporting.

Create your own team of experts

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Challenge Accepted

With every new challenge comes new experiences. We incorporate lessons learned into our best practices, continually updating and refining our delivery methodology. Collecting our learnings, we’ve created packages around some common challenges we help customers navigate.

Learn about common problems we solve

Quick Start Service

3 Reasons to Start Today

Selecting the right software and a partner you can count on is an important decision. Jump-start your project with the Quick Start Service, and build a foundation on which to extend the reach and value of integrating all data sources across your enterprise.

Best Technology

For over a decade, MarkLogic has delivered a powerful, trusted Enterprise NoSQL (Not Only SQL) database that enables organizations to turn all data into valuable, actionable information. Key features include ACID transactions, horizontal scaling, disaster recovery, high availability, real-time indexing, government-grade security, and more.

Expert Support

Our Consultants are skilled in configuring, installing, implementing, and integrating MarkLogic technology. They’re educated on the latest product features and the product roadmap for future releases. They work closely with Product Management, Support, and Engineering teams to maintain exceptional focus on customer success.

Low-Risk Approach

The MarkLogic Quick Start Service provides a low-risk approach to kick off your innovative, next-generation information application. This program makes it easy for you to evaluate MarkLogic’s capabilities and strengths through a working pilot that’s focused on ensuring repeatable success developing a working application with best-practice architecture.

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