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How to Plan and Execute a Successful Cloud Migration

Moving to AWS, Azure, or other cloud platforms – whether initiated with or without the operations team – is a new experience for most people. In this session we share lessons learned and best practices for planning, preparing, and executing a successful cloud migration.

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Data Hub Service Benefits

MarkLogic Data Hub Service is a service that provides a simple, robust, modern and secure Data Hub for customer’s migration and mission-critical applications.

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Data Integration Simplified

DHS can load all your heterogeneous data as is and performs instant analysis on source data. It offers powerful data curation capabilities to build a semantic model, apply security and governance, and make data accessible via standard APIs.

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Elastic Scalability with Predictable Cost

DHS is inclusive of hardware, software, operations, and support. It provides enterprise-grade performance, reliability, and security at a predictable price. Also, free compute bursts based on accumulated credits results in a scalable cost-effective solution.

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Gain DataOps Agility with NoOps model

Empower your DataOps team to focus on creating differentiated value from data without the burden of operating underlying infrastructure. DHS accelerates data analysis and increases efficiency in delivering timely business-relevant insights.

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Orchestrate Data Hub using AWS Services

DHS supports open standards for loading, searching, and sharing data. Developers can use AWS services like Lambda, Glue, Beanstalk etc to orchestrate a MarkLogic Data Hub deployed on DHS. DHS provides various end-points like REST, ODBC, Java SDK etc to securely access and perform operations on the Data Hub.

Get Started

To get started with MarkLogic solutions on AWS, or see full pricing details visit the AWS Marketplace.

Case Study

Centers for
Medicare and Medicaid Services

Aws Cms Faster Time To Production

Faster Time-to-Production and Support of Heavy Site Traffic

CMS launched within 18 months. In under five months post-launch, MarkLogic supported 5,500+ transactions per second to help over eight million people sign up for health insurance.


Nearly Limitless Scalability and Record-Breaking Performance

MarkLogic has supported 160,000 concurrent users and delivered over 99.9% availability. Over 99.99% of queries have logged response times of less than 0.1 seconds, without any data loss or inconsistency.

Aws Cms Seamless Online Shopping

Seamless Online Shopping Experience for

CMS can now integrate data as is, so there was no need to recode data from multiple states, government agencies, and health plan providers. This made it easy to provide competitive healthcare options to site users.

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