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NLIT 2022 • October 16-19

National Laboratories Information Technology • Albuquerque, New Mexico

We help Public Sector organizations solve data problems and meet today’s complex data missions. Our advanced data management platform combines a multi-model database, search, and semantic AI technology to give our customers a faster, trusted way to unlock value from complex data and achieve data agility.

Our platform enhances existing investments in data systems, delivering:

  • Data security – market-leading security capabilities ensure the right access to the right people
  • Trusted data – traceable, transparent, repeatable, and auditable results, understandable by business users
  • Data Agility – the ability to make simple and powerful changes to how data is interpreted and acted on
  • Ease of Connection – integrate existing data sources, repositories, applications, and workflows; transparent, standards-based approach unlocks your data versus locking it up
  • Semantic AI – uses machine learning and knowledge models to synthesize, enrich, extract and harmonize all types of metadata
  • Enterprise-grade security, scalability, availability, language support, temporality, interfaces, and standards-based architecture for both data and metadata using a single platform


AFRL: Enabling Semantic Discovery In A Data Lake Context

HyperThought™ is powered by MarkLogic and allows end-users to create formal data structures and schemas for both concept definition (a mechanical test, for example) and provenance definition (“Sample X was characterized using EBSD”).

This presentation shows the benefits of this approach by examining use cases in Additive Manufacturing, Machining, and Microscopy.

MarkLogic Overview

Learn why MarkLogic is the best platform for creating value from complex data – whether through search and query, building new applications, or enriching analytics and machine learning.

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Introducing Semaphore: The Missing Piece of Your Data Strategy

This digital event aims to provide you with a deeper understanding of the combined power of MarkLogic & Semaphore, showcasing examples of customer’s implementations and the advantages they have brought to their businesses.

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