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Zinio Taps MarkLogic’s Expertise to Power its UNITY™ Multi-Device Platform

SAN CARLOS, Calif. — March 8, 2011 — No more fumbling and flipping through books and magazines. MarkLogic Corporation, the company revolutionizing the way organizations leverage unstructured information, announced today that its leading database helps power the content platform of Zinio, the world’s largest digital newsstand. With Zinio, consumers globally can easily get instant access, search, and organize millions of digital news and entertainment articles. Zinio selected MarkLogic because of its ability to scale to large datasets, superb indexing, and fast search capabilities.

Transforming print magazines into digital content that can be delivered to any number of tablets and mobile devices is a critical element of success for Zinio. With hundreds of new devices appearing each year and employing a wide variety of operating systems, networks, and standards, capitalizing on these business opportunities presents numerous challenges. Zinio needed a common repository that would enable reliable, rapid aggregation of magazine content and adapt it for exportation in a common format to smart phones. That led Zinio to MarkLogic.

“MarkLogic’s database technology helps Zinio get the absolute best visual and search experience possible on their devices – a complex scenario that relational databases just can’t handle,” said Keith Nichols, senior vice president of technology R&D , Zinio. “MarkLogic best understands the art of organizing unstructured information, which is running rampant across the industry – this is something publishers have to get right out of the gate as they continue to go digital. MarkLogic tackles the problem from a deep technology level, which was attractive to us.”

Zinio is using MarkLogic for a mobile application that manages content aggregation from a common repository, which can be easily exported to any mobile device. To date, it manages and delivers all XML published content and information that flows from Zinio’s content platform – which stores more than 80,000 digital products – and exports the information of choice to users’ mobile screens. This includes the vast amounts of unstructured information inside published content from text to video and audio clips as well as live links.

MarkLogic’s advanced functionality also drives the Zinio mobile search engine and creates an intelligent connection to all publications available. With MarkLogic, Zinio gained a platform that met its needs for rapid search, terabyte-scale, and technology to support its long-term business goals.

“Zinio provides a platform to publishers that is revolutionizing the way we read,” said Tracy Eiler, senior vice president of marketing, MarkLogic. “Though currently under wraps, we are also teamed up with Zinio on other digital publishing projects and will soon unveil even more innovative ways for people to have the best online reading experience, from absolutely any device at any time.”

MarkLogic and Zinio development teams have been working together for approximately one year. The companies will be announcing some exciting and additional new features with some of the world’s top publishing brands in the coming months.

About Zinio

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