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Making It Easy for Developers to Build And Deploy Scalable, Data Intensive, Real-Time Production Applications on the Industry’s Only Enterprise NoSQL Database Platform

MARKLOGIC WORLD – SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. — APRIL 8, 2014 — MarkLogic Corporation, the leading Enterprise NoSQL database platform company, announced today it is adding support for server-side JavaScript, native JSON, and Node.js in the next release, MarkLogic® 8, delivering the platform’s unique and proven set of enterprise capabilities natively to the growing community of JavaScript developers.

With support for JavaScript and JSON at every tier, developers can create applications using a language and data format they are familiar with while being assured that the database platform will pass the scrutiny of IT operations and risk management. JavaScript expands the current list of languages that MarkLogic supports including, Java, PHP, C#, Ruby, Python, C++, C, Perl, SQL, and XQuery.

The MarkLogic Node.js client will give developers a simple and agile way to use MarkLogic, while server-side JavaScript support will deliver the ultimate in performance and flexibility. With JavaScript and JSON at the core of the schema-agnostic, horizontally scalable and elastic architecture, developers can build, revise and deploy applications across multiple systems consistently, while being able to combine JSON, XML, binary, text and Semantic triples in the same database.

“Developers want to use the languages, libraries, and data formats that make them most productive. For a growing set of developers this means JavaScript and JSON,” said Joe Pasqua, senior vice president of product strategy. “Thoroughly integrating JavaScript and native JSON into MarkLogic creates an incredibly powerful, tested and ready-to-use development platform that combines the agility, power, and security of MarkLogic with the ubiquity and ease of JavaScript and JSON.”

For over a decade, MarkLogic has ensured that its database platform could meet the high standards that enterprises have for mission-critical systems. This has produced an Enterprise NoSQL database platform that delivers integrated search, high availability, disaster recovery, ACID transactions, government-grade security, elasticity and management tools out-of-the-box, enabling developers to quickly build and deploy applications into production, at-scale and with ease.

To learn more about MarkLogic Enterprise NoSQL database platform, attend MarkLogic World 2014, being held April 7-9 in San Francisco, Calif. For more information or to register and meet with experts, attend sessions covering semantics, elasticity, tiered storage and more, please visit