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RhinoDox is Transforming Workflow Management in the Enterprise with Its Award-Winning, Cloud-Based WorkLight Solution

Chicago, IL – November 2, 2017 – RhinoDox, an award-winning, fourth generation, family-owned workflow management company, today announced its flagship product, WorkLight℠, is driving digital transformation in a Fortune 500 insurance company. Built on a modern cloud-based technology framework, and powered by MarkLogic’s next-generation NoSQL database platform, WorkLight is transforming the way companies manage workflows and documents of all types.

As a leading next-generation content management services tool, WorkLight enables enterprises to seamlessly manage millions of documents and search them in milliseconds. WorkLight’s industry-leading, advanced semantic and natural language search features have been recognized in the industry as a Hot Vendor in Modern Content Management (Aragon Research, 2017). Configured to address the specific requirements of each unique enterprise, WorkLight provides enterprise-class workflow management by eliminating data silos and streamlining and automating processes, allowing companies to drive digital transformation and cost savings, while maintaining regulatory compliance.

“Driven by InsurTech, the insurance industry as a whole is under great pressure to innovate and streamline processes, but their legacy IT systems simply can’t keep up with the demands of today’s hyperconnected, data-centric world. To compete, our enterprise customers are looking for leading-edge solutions that allow them to reduce claim processing times, create a 360-degree view of customer documents and seamlessly manage complex workflows, all within a highly secure data environment,” says Justin Ullman, CEO, RhinoDox. “WorkLight gives the industry the edge it needs to increase customer retention and address complex document, content and workflow management processes.”

“In today’s always-on, data-driven marketplace, consumers are demanding a faster, more customized experience – making it critical that insurance companies can more efficiently manage claims information documents, and anything else related to a customer to deliver a seamless, competitive experience. MarkLogic’s unique combination of NoSQL’s flexibility and industry-leading data security, combined with its advanced search and semantics capabilities, make it the next-generation database of choice to deliver real digital transformation and solve the marketplace’s toughest challenge – integrating data from silos, whether in the cloud or on-premise,” said Bill Fox, CTO healthcare, life sciences and insurance, MarkLogic.

Using the next-generation WorkLight solution, insurance companies will accelerate innovation, more efficiently manage claims and customer records and maintain regulatory compliance. WorkLight from RhinoDox solves some of the industry’s toughest challenges in the areas of claims processing, compliance and workflow management.

About RhinoDox

RhinoDox is a fourth generation, family-owned business that has been in operation since 1913. In its first century of leadership, RhinoDox was in the business of physical records storage. However, all of this changed in 2017 when Owner & CEO, Justin Ullman, launched the company’s flagship product, WorkLight℠. WorkLight from RhinoDox uses new tools to innovatively solve traditionally hard problems around Data Integration, Search and Workflow. For more information, please visit