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SAN CARLOS, CA — July 30, 2008 — MarkLogic Corporation, a leading provider of infrastructure software for information applications, today announced that Reed Business (RB) Netherlands has deployed MarkLogic Server as the engine behind a powerful editorial workflow–based application for internal search and discovery of valuable digital assets. This enables RB Netherlands to reuse content to create customized packages and dynamically deliver content to its large network of B2B syndication partners.

Reed Business Information Netherlands publishes more than 120 Web sites and more than 100 B2B Magazines, and also produces numerous high–quality industry events. The company recently implemented All Magazine Content Online (AMCO), a digital asset distribution application that consolidated the company’s entire store of magazine content into a single repository. This central warehouse of content enables editors to update the metadata on the full archive of magazine articles and paves the way for easier creation of focused, partner–facing websites.

As the first phase of the project, RB’s publication editors can now input and update crucial information related to the wide range of RB’s magazine articles, including copyrights, keywords, topics, authors, etc. This additional metadata provides detail around their content, enabling RB editors to better search, package, and deliver content to RB’s corporate business syndication partners including LexisNexis and Factiva.

RB plans to extend the full value of its content even further by leveraging AMCO to automatically feed content directly into highly–targeted websites based on the industry focus of a particular publication. This automatic syndication of the latest articles to the various delivery vehicles enables RB NL’s customers to pull content for easier search and navigation through relevant information.

“In order to keep pace with the content demands of our business syndication partners, we needed an infrastructure that would give us the agility to deliver the right content to the right audience in the format most useful to them,” said Nico van den Deijssel, manager IT development, at Reed Business Netherlands. “MarkLogic Server gives us granular access to content and enables us to package in new ways to better serve our business partners. MarkLogic provides superior scalability and the flexibility required for today’s content reuse and dynamic delivery requirements and provides a solid infrastructure for future content search and delivery applications.”

“B2B publishers are in a unique position in the market, as they have a deep corpus of valuable content that is highly relevant to the audiences they serve. This content also has astounding transferability between delivery mechanisms and can be repackaged in a myriad of different ways to add greater value to customers,” said Andy Feit, senior vice president of marketing at MarkLogic Corporation. “MarkLogic is the perfect platform for B2B publishers looking to create new products and revenue channels and we are pleased to working with a brand of RB’s stellar international reputation.”

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