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SAN CARLOS, Calif. — August 18, 2009 — MarkLogic Corporation, a leading provider of infrastructure software for information applications, today announced that Platts, the energy information arm of McGraw-Hill, is using MarkLogic Server to power LNG TraderNet. This web-based service provides traders, analysts, and other members of the LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) community with the latest market intelligence and analytical tools on the physical energy markets. Utilizing MarkLogic, Platts is driving internal cost savings and more effectively pricing, packaging, and monetizing its valuable energy and metals information.

“As the LNG market continues to evolve, MarkLogic has enabled us to surpass the limitations of traditional technologies and innovate in how we service our customers, delivering content in ways that were not possible before,” said Chris Sternberg, global director of product development, Platts. “LNG TraderNet is the only flexible online service to offer accurate LNG market data and provide customers with immediate access to the real-time and historic information energy traders rely upon to make important decisions, such as how to take inter-market effects into consideration in their own trading.”

LNG TraderNet is an innovative resource that puts the latest data covering the global LNG market within reach, including Platts’ real-time news, pricing, and analytical services. It features a comprehensive range of resources, including fundamental market data, decision-support tools and news from Platts’ global editorial team. As the foundation for the LNG TraderNet service, MarkLogic Server takes the XML created as part of Platts’ newsletter production process and inserts metadata from a taxonomy to tag the textual content. This enables Platts to take the content that was previously locked in static PDFs and relate it to other contextual information to help them provide these value-added services.

Enabling Custom Publishing

MarkLogic Server has also provided Platts with custom publishing capabilities that allow users to extract excerpts of stories, or an entire article, for inclusion in an existing or newly created custom report. For example, an energy analyst can pull specific excerpts or full articles to create a custom report that is delivered to traders each morning. Moreover, now Platts is able to provide their customers with new search and Web 2.0-style features that:

  • Allow for the ranking of search results by relevance and/or the number of previous views
  • Relate search results to pricing assessments and other markets fundamental data, such as weather
  • Enable the automatic creation of lists that include the most-frequently mentioned keywords, such as trading regions. Searches can also be refined to drill down and return only results that include the original search terms and selected keywords
  • Permit users to save searches for future use and create RSS feeds from those searches
  • Numerically rank the quality of stories and post comments

Unlocking Energy Information

McGraw-Hill Platts selected MarkLogic Server because they required a comprehensive solution to better manage the execution of digital content assets and streamline their go-to-market processes. Before, Platts’ content was tethered to different products and locked within collections of PDF files. Since MarkLogic supports loading content “as-is,” Platts unlocked their business information and eliminated the need for costly and time consuming transformations of content. MarkLogic customers can easily combine XML content, documents, books, messages, user generated content, and more into a single centralized repository. The simplified infrastructure enabled Platts to benefit from a completely new web delivery application that delivers a more aggregated approach to content management.

“MarkLogic Server is unrivaled in its ability to help industry leaders like Platts generate new revenue streams,” said Tracy Eiler, vice president of marketing, MarkLogic Corporation. “In industries that must react quickly to shifts in the market, it is critical for specialized content providers like Platts to deliver powerful, feature-rich applications that provide energy traders and analysts with the precise information they need at the moment they need it. LNG TraderNet taps into a tremendous market opportunity.”

LNG TraderNet subscriptions are offered on either a global or regional basis (Asia; Americas; or Europe, Middle East & Africa), with pricing based on the number of users. A free two-week trial is available to qualified prospects. For more information, please visit

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