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New research by Dods Group PLC and MarkLogic reveals that ineffective data management may be costing UK police officers valuable time, upwards of 28 working days a year due to siloed data. The study was conducted to explore how police forces today are using data and what the barriers are to doing so more effectively.
Tech UK
New research, conducted by MarkLogic in collaboration with Dods Group, has revealed that ineffective data management could be costing UK police forces valuable time. The article details the key findings from the study and the reasons why reliance on data and information has never been more important to modern policing than it is today.
Channel Partner
Bei der deutschen Tochter des US-Datenbankspezialisten stehen die Zeichen aufgrund der positiven Entwicklung und Implementierung neuer erfolgreicher Projekte auf Expansion.
CIO Magazin
Immer mehr Dokumente liegen in digitaler Form vor. Wir zeigen, wie lange Privatpersonen und Unternehmen diese archivieren müssen.
CEO Gary Bloom says that looking at what’s next in technology in 2018 is not about buzz or hype, but rather it all should be discerned with a deep understanding of technology, the market and the data that drives business. In this piece he writes about nine technology innovations and provides his not-so obvious take.
Inside Big Data
In this interview with Executive VP of Product Joe Pasqua talks about data lakes and possible alternatives and effective data integration as organizations’ work to implement initiatives from digital transformation to compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) laws.
Data Center Knowledge
To maximize the value of their information, organizations need to share data inside and outside of their network. However, optimizing value also means ensuring there is a security strategy in place that goes much deeper than the network perimeter. MarkLogic’s security expert, Tom Thomassen, provides three data security steps companies can take to prevent vulnerabilities.
Insurance Innovation Reporter
Bill Fox explains that technology today is putting the pressure on the insurance industry to embrace digital and companies should have a plan for governing, managing and securing their data so they can be prepared to report on any information located anywhere in their IT landscape.
Amazon Neptune’s database is the company’s foray into the graph database market. Joe Pasqua mentions that the database may not be entirely enterprise-ready since most work with sensitive and regulated data.
Modern Healthcare
Debate was sparked after an OIG report saying that HHS is not equipped well enough to detect and prevent cyber breach incidents. Bill Fox’s commentary highlights the larger issue that preventing cyber breaches is a challenge across the entire healthcare industry.
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