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OECD Network Environment (O.N.E.) is the First Application and Key Component of the Secretary General, OECD’s Digital Transformation Program

Paris, France – June 20, 2017 – MarkLogic Corporation, a leading operational and transactional Enterprise NoSQL database provider, today announced that the OECD, a 35 member country non-government organization (NGO) dedicated to promoting policies that will improve the economic and social well-being of people around the world based in Paris, France, chose MarkLogic to implement its digital transformation by developing the first application of the OECD Digital Strategy: the new OECD Network Environment (O.N.E.). Built out of the need to improve the OECD’s information sharing capabilities by offering rapid knowledge access, collaborative authoring and advanced analytical functions, MarkLogic’s database platform created O.N.E., seamlessly integrating large amounts of information from multiple data silos.

O.N.E is a key part of the Secretary General’s Digital Strategy to activate “21 for 21”, a set of 21 actions for consolidation and further transformation of the OECD by 2021. As part of the program, O.N.E. was developed to replace OLIS, an application that provides secure internet access to the organization’s key stakeholders on the full range of OECD committee information. O.N.E was built for country delegations, policy experts and other delegates involved in committee work as well as coordinators in capital cities. O.N.E.’s intuitive interface and advanced search functions can be accessed from any device at any time allowing delegates to communicate with the OECD secretariat in preparation for committee meetings. The committees, which include 40,000 plus government officials from around the world, now have secure access to a wide array of information, including event details, archive documents, publications and statistics, and can perform searches in the OECD’s information banks to help them prepare for symposia and policy committees.

The OECD uses MarkLogic to integrate structured and unstructured data, of all types, from different silos into a single central data hub. The information is enhanced to allow smart searching, thanks to improved description (metadata) and classification of data. Combined with advanced semantic features, this enhancement of the integrated search engine helps to contextualize information for members and staff, and offers rapid access to knowledge, truly collaborative editing and advanced analytical features.

Given the different types of information, the OECD handles, ranging from publicly available to sensitive, the government-grade security and high availability of the MarkLogic database were key factors in choosing the platform. Another major consideration was the database’s ability to easily scale to accommodate the large variations in data volume and users over time.

“The MarkLogic database is instrumental in our digital transformation program: bringing together different digital systems and capabilities to enable information sharing and knowledge creation in order to build and promote policies that improve global economic and social well-being. We chose MarkLogic as our core database platform to create a data hub of our new OECD Network Environment or (O.N.E) platform. With MarkLogic’s search and semantics capabilities, and robust and secure enterprise features, it provides us a smart and efficient way to connect and enrich documents, and ensure the right information gets to the right people, in the right context with the right distribution support, as quickly as possible,” said Omar Baig, Acting Executive Director, OECD.”

“We are proud to provide MarkLogic’s innovative database platform to the OECD, enabling the organization to fully execute its digital transformation program and more effectively share data and information with its staff and member countries. Like all of our customers, we are deeply committed to the OECD’s ongoing success using our platform to transform the way they do business by integrating their different data silos,” added David Northmore, Vice President, EMEA at MarkLogic.

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