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MarkLogic® Corporation’s Community-Focused Email Archive Now Exceeds 5.5 Million Messages

SAN CARLOS, CA — January 8, 2008 —MarkLogic Corporation, a leading provider of infrastructure software for information applications, today announced support for a number of new mailing lists and significant growth of existing lists, increasing the base of content being archived and searched with MarkMail™.

Launched in November 2007, MarkMail is a community-focused searchable message archive service, accessible at MarkMail allows people to leverage the immense amount of collective knowledge accumulated over time through email discussions. Users can find technical information, research historical decision making, analyze and understand trends, and locate experts for a wide range of technical topics.

“Imagine a tool that lets you see trends across thousands of email messages, saved over years. Imagine being able to find who is the most prolific poster on a given topic, and explore the histogram of their entire message history. Imagine being able to do instantaneous data mining against millions of stored messages, with a response time better than you get looking at your local mailbox. MarkMail provides all this and more,” wrote Tim O’Reilly in his widely-read blog at “Yumm.”

Since launch MarkMail has added more than 1.5 million new messages, sourced from 200 public email mailing lists including PHP, MySQL, Mozilla, and XML communities. MarkMail now contains more than 700 mailing lists and nearly 6 million messages, and in the last two months has added:

  • 550,000 messages about PHP (a web scripting language)
  • 360,000 messages about MySQL (a relational database)
  • 275,000 messages about Mozilla (home to Firefox, Thunderbird, etc.)
  • 200,000 messages about XML (XSLT, SAX, MarkLogic, etc.)
  • 85,000 messages about Cascading Style Sheets (a key component of Web development)
  • Many more messages from smaller development communities (including JDOM, WSO2, AppFuse, XWiki, and Mule)

MarkMail was initially launched to archive and search 4 million messages from the Apache Software Foundation. In the 60 days since the launch, the Apache Community has organically generated more than 100,000 new messages that have been added to the archive. Since its debut, MarkMail has been updated with new features that enable users to display results ordered chronologically as well as by relevance, and to restrict a search to a particular time period.

“We‘ve been excited to see the rapid growth and adoption of MarkMail as a site for extracting knowledge from email,” said Ian Small, senior vice president at MarkLogic Corporation. “The feedback has been immensely positive. We are looking forward to incorporating new lists and enhancing the site with even more features.”

About MarkMail

The free MarkMail service provides sophisticated search functionality with a powerful faceted navigation interface. Combined with real-time analytics, the system delivers a new, state-of-the-art experience for interacting with large-scale message archives, such as those used by open source projects. MarkMail’s powerful functionality and fluid user experience were built utilizing the unique capabilities of MarkLogic Server for handling semi-structured content.

With MarkMail, users can seamlessly query across the structured and unstructured parts of email, including attachments, unlocking the value trapped inside millions emails. By observing structure in the seemingly free-form content of the message body and automatically weighting query terms appropriately, MarkMail delivers results far superior to simple full-text search. In addition, MarkMail presents analytic information based on header information and other message metadata, enabling user drill down and query refinement. The results are a single interactive experience that lets users rapidly focus in on the answers they are seeking. For more information, visit or visit the MarkMail blog at .