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The Growing Partnership Will Deliver Integrated Next Generation Database Systems and Business Services Worldwide

Tokyo, Japan – June 1, 2017 – NTT DATA, a global IT-services provider, today announced a strategic capital investment in leading enterprise NoSQL database provider, MarkLogic Corporation. In addition to the new funding, the companies will also be expanding their existing strategic business alliance to develop new go-to-market strategies with specific emphasis on joint customer development in Europe, North America, South America and Japan. The strategic business alliance will help both companies capture significant market share in the global database market.

Since becoming partners in 2012, NTT DATA and MarkLogic have worked together to aggressively target companies in Japan dealing with large-scale data integration challenges due to the rise of big data and disparate data systems within their organizations. After years of joint customer successes and value creation using NTT DATA’s data utilization services combined with MarkLogic’s NoSQL database platform, the two companies are now experiencing growing market opportunity abroad for their joint solutions in key vertical segments including financial services, healthcare, government/public sector, and manufacturing.

“We are honored to strengthen our alliances with NTT DATA, and welcome them as both a new investor and growing partner in our mission to lead the next generation of database technology for the modern enterprise,” said Gary Bloom, CEO of MarkLogic. “Both MarkLogic’s and NTT DATA’s customers demand an enterprise hardened database that is both agile and secure, flexible and powerful, works on any private or public cloud platform as well as on-premise, and can provide the most accurate data needed to fuel mission critical applications. By working to integrate our industry leading NoSQL database with NTT DATA’s deep expertise in IT services, we have created an alliance that will help companies all around the world to derive more value and insights from their data than ever before.”

MarkLogic’s database platform solves a critical challenge for today’s leading-edge organizations by helping them break down data silos that can emerge within their organizations. By using a non-relational, NoSQL database technology like MarkLogic®, organizations can gain a 360 degree view of their data by reducing data silos through the use of a more agile and flexible database that is designed for change, scale, heterogeneous data, and for running mission-critical applications.

As a global innovator in IT services and solutions, NTT DATA has provided critical expertise around the digital transformation of internal and external data to help organizations maximize their investments and ROI from MarkLogic’s NoSQL databases. The joint go-to-market strategy is designed to help companies better understand the generational shift taking place across the database industry, and how it can be used as a competitive advantage against companies still relying on conventional, more rigid database technologies.

“NTT DATA is excited to expand our strategic relationship with MarkLogic. We look forward to extending the success we have jointly experienced over the last five years in Japan to the rest of the world,” said Toshio Iwamoto, president and CEO of NTT DATA. “Our ability to solve complex data integration problems by using MarkLogic’s database platform along-side intellectual capital developed by NTT DATA allows our clients to better analyze critical insights from their data in order to gain a competitive advantage in their respective marketplaces.”

NTT DATA and MarkLogic offer organizations the opportunity to manage, secure, integrate and analyze their data using MarkLogic 9. Now in production, MarkLogic 9 builds on a strong base of advanced features such as bitemporal, semantics and cloud support by adding new enterprise-grade features to make data integration faster and easier, data security stronger and more granular, and database management more efficient.

The terms of the strategic investment in MarkLogic, which closed on May 31, 2017, were not disclosed at this time.


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