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Enterprise Customers to Accelerate Business Growth and Reduce Time-to-Value with Industry-Leading Technology Through NessPRO and MarkLogic Partnership

Tel Aviv, Israel – February 20, 2017 – NessPRO, Ness’ software products group, today announced a partnership with MarkLogic Corporation. The alliance provides joint customers with the industry-leading benefits from the MarkLogic® Enterprise NoSQL database platform and NessPRO’s expertise in enterprise content and process management software solutions. Together, NessPRO and MarkLogic can help customers dramatically improve business processes and decision-making, while reducing costs by combining their data from multiple silos into one single, powerful database, allowing them to easily integrate, manage and operationalize their data.

“Given today’s highly competitive global marketplace, our customers are seeking new innovative tools to allow them to make better business decisions, react faster to market changes and more quickly identify ways to generate revenue, all within a secure data environment,” said Ahuva Zairi, information management division manager, NessPRO. “MarkLogic’s Enterprise NoSQL database gives enterprises the edge they need by providing them a 360-degree view of their data, within a flexible, agile and easily scalable platform, without sacrificing any of the data resiliency, security and consistency features of legacy relational databases.”

“The competitive role data now plays within the enterprise demands a new solution for managing it. With the unique combination of NoSQL flexibility and agility, and enterprise-hardened features like ACID transactions and enterprise-grade security, MarkLogic has emerged as the next-generation database optimally suited to solve today’s complex data and content challenges,” said Jeff Faraday, senior director, alliances, MarkLogic. “Partnerships with companies like NessPRO are essential as they have the deep expertise in enterprise content and process management best suited to meet customers’ needs, driving better business results and improving time-to-value.”

Ness is one of Israel’s leading companies in the field of information systems. As a company with 48 years of accumulated experience in the responsible and successful management of some of the largest and most complex projects in Israel, Ness implements what it means to be the leading BSM company in Israel: utmost professionalism, implementation of quality processes and complex methodologies, risk management, training of skilled manpower who possess both business savvy and technological knowledge, and punctual project delivery to customer’s absolute satisfaction.

About NessPRO

NessPRO is Ness’s software products group, and the Israeli representative of more than 30 global and Israeli companies developing software products for the enterprise market. The group has been operating in the Israeli market for 40 years, serving hundreds of clients. In addition to selling software products in various business models, NessPRO specializes in integration, marketing, service, training and maintenance of these products. More information can be found at: