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MarkLogic Replaces Relational Database to Drive Faster Performance Results

SAN CARLOS, Calif. — April 12, 2011 — MarkLogic Corporation, the company revolutionizing the way organizations leverage unstructured information, today announced that Mitchell 1, a division of Snap-on, has selected MarkLogic Server as the database of choice behind its OnDemand5 software. The OnDemand5 software suite is used by automotive repair shops of all sizes, from national chains to small businesses, and delivers comprehensive data for vehicle models from 1983 through current domestic and imported vehicles.

Mitchell 1, the first choice for automotive professionals, provides a hosted online vehicle repair application for technicians. The company realized that its relational architecture was too slow for modern day technicians. It was time to update the database to new software that offers the speed and flexibility of a schema-agnostic architecture and the ability to manage the tremendous amount of unstructured information that makes up most of the data that Mitchell 1 encounters every day.

“Originally all of this information used to be kept in books. Initially, we digitized it into a relational database system as our unstructured information grew, but the RDBMS couldn’t keep up,” said Dr. Mark Zecca, senior director of IT for Mitchell 1. “That’s why we turned to MarkLogic for the next evolution of our product. The relational database solution we used couldn’t offer the granularity in search that our customers wanted and the speed just wasn’t there. MarkLogic provided us with a simplified architecture and the software to power the next generation of our product line.”

MarkLogic is unique in its ability to provide Mitchell 1 with a database that is searchable to deliver service, repair, and diagnostic information to a technician in seconds. MarkLogic is capable of integrating content from different suppliers, with different data types. As a purpose built database for unstructured information, MarkLogic is able to load all of the data “as is,” make it available quickly, and allow Mitchell 1 to query the data and trust that the results are accurate.

“Mitchell 1 needed a technology solution that was capable of processing information from multiple sources, in different formats, while being searchable,” said Edd Patterson, Enterprise CTO, MarkLogic. “MarkLogic was able to provide a simplified architecture for these requirements while meeting the appropriate performance standards. By using MarkLogic, Mitchell 1 is able to accomplish tasks and provide services to customers they wouldn’t have been able to with a relational database.”

About Mitchell 1

Headquartered in Poway, California, Mitchell 1 has provided quality repair information solutions to the automotive industry for over 90 years. The Mitchell 1 family of products includes a complete line of integrated software tools designed to improve repair shop productivity and profitability. Mitchell 1′s OnDemand5 and Manager now serve as the industry standard for innovative repair, estimating and management software. Mitchell 1 Business Performance Services give shop owners automated marketing solutions to improve bottom line profits. Mitchell 1 is a recipient of the ASE Blue Seal of Excellence award. For more information on Mitchell 1 products and services, automotive professionals can log onto the company’s Web site at