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Marlogic® Corporation’s Community-Focused Email Archive Website Exceeds 27.5 Million Messages

SAN CARLOS, Calif. — September 10, 2008 — MarkLogic Corporation, a leading provider of infrastructure software for information applications, today announced that MarkMail, a free service for searching mailing list archives, has joined forces with CollabNet, the leading provider of solutions for distributed software development and host operator for several Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ: JAVA) open-source communities, to incorporate more than 2.3 million emails from NetBeans and into the MarkMail system. These high profile projects utilize CollabNet solutions to simplify distributed development, enable global collaboration and leverage on-demand development resources. Contributors to these software initiatives can now harness the power of MarkMail to query message archives in order to find technical information, research historical decision making, analyze and understand trends, and locate experts for a wide range of technical topics.

Founded in 1998, then acquired by Sun Microsystems in 1999 and open-sourced in 2000, NetBeans is a project dedicated to providing support for both the NetBeans IDE, a Java integrated development environment, and the NetBeans Platform, a reusable framework for simplifying the development of desktop applications. The NetBeans project is a vibrant community of over 500,000 members where people from around the world have the ability to ask questions, give advice, make a wide variety of contributions and ultimately share in the success of NetBeans products. Also integrated into the MarkMail archives are group messages from, a community in excess of 1 million volunteer and sponsored contributors who develop, translate, support and promote the leading open-source office productivity suite. Its file format, the OpenDocument Format, an ISO standard, has fundamentally revolutionized the ecology of electronic documents and is now being used or considered for use by dozens of national and regional governments and enterprises around the world. The project is sponsored by Sun Microsystems, which is the primary contributor of code, but other contributors include IBM (NYSE: IBM), Redflag CH 2000, and a growing international team of companies, independent organizations and individuals.

“From its inception, MarkMail has proven to be a valuable resource for influential open-source communities in empowering developers to tap into the collective knowledge that has accumulated over the years through email discussions,” said Mike Bellissimo, vice president for Online Business and Community Strategy for CollabNet. “The addition of NetBeans and messages to the MarkMail archives will further enhance productivity for individual developers by making relevant information easier to locate and decipher, ultimately accelerating innovation for these significant software projects with thousands of engaged members.”

MarkMail was launched in November 2007 with four million messages from the Apache Software Foundation. Since the site’s unveiling, MarkMail has garnered rave reviews from both the community and industry watchers, and continues to add content relevant to a wide breadth of software developers. Today, MarkMail hosts more than 27.5 million messages across 4,880 mailing lists, including umbrella communities such as Apache, Codehaus, Mozilla, and the World Wide Web Consortium, technology-specific communities such as Eclipse, GNOME, KDE, MySQL, NetcoolUsers, Perl, Python and Xen, and a broad spectrum of other projects.

“By providing an environment where developers can collaborate effectively across organizational boundaries and geographical distances, CollabNet has played a critical role in some of the largest and most active open-source projects in the world,” said Ian Small, senior vice president for MarkMail at MarkLogic Corporation. “We’re very pleased to be working closely with CollabNet to bring MarkMail’s powerful search and analytic capabilities to members of the NetBeans and communities.”

About CollabNet

With 1.5 million users, CollabNet leads the software industry towards a new era of collaborative software development. By connecting remote teams and integrating disparate development tools, the CollabNet platform simplifies distributed development, reduces infrastructure costs by more than 50 percent, and eliminates silos between isolated teams to speed innovation by 20 percent and more.

CollabNet is the company behind Subversion, the world’s best version control and Software Configuration Management solution for distributed teams.

More than 600 industry leading companies use CollabNet’s solutions today, including Reuters, Philips Medical Systems, Capgemini, and Barclays Global Investors among others. Visit CollabNet at or get more information about Subversion at