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SAN CARLOS, CA – March 29, 2022 – MarkLogic Corporation, a leader in complex data integration and portfolio company of Vector Capital, today announced that it has won part of the new $240 million Department of Defense (DoD) Joint Artificial Intelligence Center’s (JAIC) Data Readiness AI Development contract.

The Basic Ordering Agreement, secured by MarkLogic’s public sector team, centers on providing support to the DoD to accelerate artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact across the DoD with the goal of transforming DoD through AI.

MarkLogic will work with JAIC to help identify appropriate AI use cases, develop capabilities, and scale data impact across the defense AI marketplace. Specifically, MarkLogic’s industry-leading technology will help the DoD prepare data for use in AI applications by providing an easily accessible path to solve complex technical challenges involved in preparing data for AI.

“With this contract, the government has recognized MarkLogic’s significant capabilities and offerings to solve the nation’s most critical national security complex data challenges,” said Jeffrey Casale, MarkLogic CEO. “We look forward to supporting DoD on its AI journey by improving data readiness and accelerating the delivery of AI and ML enabled capabilities to expand DoD’s Joint Force advantage.”

The prime contract will enable MarkLogic to tackle opportunities including:

  • Curating and preparing AI data in accordance with DoD or government specified AI data and metadata standards.
  • Securing and encrypting AI data at rest in accordance with DoD or government specified security mechanisms and standards.
  • Conducting data curation and data preparation support activities and providing access to curated data sets on new or existing DoD or government platforms in support of third-party AI data science and AI development activities.

MarkLogic is built on knowing that data is key to understanding. Its platform ingests data from any source, creating and refining metadata to support powerful models. MarkLogic’s mission is to enable data owners and users to manage, exploit and secure their data effectively and efficiently in the performance of their mission and data operations.

Added Casale, “We are very proud to have won the recognition of JAIC to support their data readiness efforts and look forward to continuing our commitment to supporting the ethical principles for AI. DOD’s award makes MarkLogic a strategic partner with JAIC.”