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Exhibit Feature Enterprise Data Cloud, Analytics, and Digital Publishing Solutions

2011 DoDIIS Worldwide Conference, DETROIT, MI. — May 2, 2011 — MarkLogic is in action at this week’s 2011 Department of Defense Intelligence Information Systems (DoDIIS) Worldwide Conference. MarkLogic Corporation, the company revolutionizing the way organizations leverage unstructured information, will showcase information sharing solutions for the defense intelligence communities that can reduce total cost of ownership for government organizations. Live 15-minute demonstrations will be shown today through Wednesday in a unique theater style setting on the show’s main floor.

DoDIIS is an opportunity for defense intelligence community members and industry peers to come together for knowledge sharing, training and discussion of current and future information technology (IT) challenges and requirements. MarkLogic is the leading provider of a database for unstructured information. The government is a heavy producer of Big Data which most often comes in the form of unstructured information – think of the mountains of documents, policy, intelligence, as well as more structured command and control type of information that is being produced every day. Unstructured information now accounts for more than 80 percent of all information and doesn’t fit well into the columns and rows of a traditional relational database. That is why leading agencies in the intelligence community, department of defense, and civilian sector rely on MarkLogic to power applications keeping the nation and its resources safe.

“In an age of tightening budgets, we believe MarkLogic drives better solutions and can be deployed more quickly with significantly lower operating and maintenance costs,” said Randall Jackson, vice president, federal, MarkLogic. “At DoDIIS, we are presenting with key partners who are working with us to bring these game-changing solutions to market – applications that are proven for government information sharing requirements in today’s world.”

At DoDIIS, attendees will get a first-hand look at how MarkLogic is changing the way defense intelligence agencies share information. The presentation agenda in the MarkLogic Theater includes:

  • Cloud-Based Collaboration and Semantic Search – Learn how MarkLogic is powering cloud-based information sharing and collaboration for the student community and its applicability to the intelligence community.
  • Booz Allen Hamilton: Artist-C Information Sharing and IC-Pubs Solution – Watch a live application that is helping analysts create IC-Pubs compliant content and giving them best of breed discovery and visualization tools.
  • Building a Better DIB Metadata Catalog – the MarkLogic DCGS Integration Backbone Metadata Catalog (MarkLogic-DIB MDC) will revolutionize how the government agencies share, discover, and exploit intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance information. Learn how your organization can leave legacy solutions behind for improved performance, scalability, and functionality with lower hardware costs.
  • Using Hadoop with MarkLogic – Learn how MarkLogic complements and augments Hadoop/MapReduce initiatives by supporting real-time analytics with a more robust complete solution than FOSS NoSQL tools like Hbase and Cassandra.
  • Visual Analytics Inc.: Superior Pattern Discovery Solutions – See how MarkLogic turns analytics and visualization work by end users into enterprise data that can be shared with credentialed users across an organization or community.

“The partnership between Visual Analytics and MarkLogic facilitates seamless collaborative analyses to produce Actionable Intelligence,” said Dave O’Connor, CTO and co-founder, Visual Analytics Inc. (VAI). “At VAI, we are focused on providing operational capabilities to analyze and derive important patterns from large volumes of complex and distributed data. Our partnership with MarkLogic enables government organizations to harmonize and resolve entities from many different sources, whether it is databases, websites, email, or unstructured text, documents, or cables. The combination of our technologies delivers a high-end analytical solution to manage the workflow, content, and results produced in complex investigations. We are pleased to present this ground-breaking solution at DoDIIS where the intelligence community is gathered to learn better ways to share information to keep the world safe.”