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MarkLogic® 8 Evolves Database Technology to Solve Heterogeneous Data Integration Problems with the Power of Search, Semantics and Bitemporal Features All in One System

SAN CARLOS, CALIF. — 18 November 2014 — MarkLogic Corporation, the leading Enterprise NoSQL database platform provider, today announced the availability of MarkLogic® Version 8 Early Access Edition. MarkLogic 8 brings together advanced search, semantics, bitemporal and native JavaScript support into one powerful, agile and trusted database platform. Companies can now:

  • Get better answers faster through integrated search and query of all of their data, metadata, and relationships, regardless of the data type or source;
  • Lower costs and increase agility by easily integrating heterogeneous data, including relational, unstructured, and richly structured data, across silos and at massive scale;
  • Rapidly build production-ready applications in weeks versus months or years to address the needs of the business or organization.

For enterprise customers who value agility but can’t compromise on resiliency, MarkLogic software is the only database platform that integrates Google-like search with rich query and semantics into an intelligent and extensible data layer that works equally well in a data center or in the cloud. Unlike other NoSQL solutions, MarkLogic provides ACID transactions, HA, DR, and other hardened features that enterprises require, along with the scalability and agility they need to accelerate their business.

“As more complex data, much of it semi-structured, becomes increasingly important to businesses’ daily operations, enterprises are realizing that they must look beyond relational databases to help them understand, integrate, and manage all of their data, deriving maximum value in a simple, yet sophisticated manner,” said Carl Olofson, research vice president at IDC. “MarkLogic has a history of bringing advanced data management technology to market and many of their customers and partners are accustomed to managing complex data in an agile manner. As a result, they have a more mature and creative view of how to manage and use data than do mainstream database users. MarkLogic 8 offers some very advanced tools and capabilities, which could expand the market’s definition of enterprise database technology.”

MarkLogic 8 key features:

  • Enhanced Developer Experience – Server-side JavaScript and native JSON support give developers access to all of the powerful capabilities of MarkLogic software using the most widely adopted language and data format on the Internet. The new Node.js Client API along with an enhanced Java API unlocks that power in a natural and powerful way.
  • Robust Semantics Capabilities – MarkLogic’s RDF triple store scales horizontally to manage billions of triples and supports SPARQL 1.1, the industry standard language for semantics. Unlike other triple stores, MarkLogic lets users seamlessly combine triples with text, values, and geospatial elements all in the same query. The new Inferencing capability lets users automatically discover relationships in their data.
  • Bitemporal Data Management – Bitemporal data management lets users say “what they knew” and “when they knew it.” This is a requirement for risk management and auditing in regulated industries, but is also applicable in any enterprise that relies on historical information – healthcare, intelligence, and many others.

“At MarkLogic, we have paid close attention to the impact that data has on today’s business. Organizations are required to better understand how they can more effectively access and put to use all of their data and in a way that is secure and reliable,” said Gary Bloom, chief executive officer and president of MarkLogic. “With the advancements we have made in our MarkLogic 8 platform, we are empowering enterprises to think beyond the impossible and imagine how their data can and will influence the future of business and application development. We’ve evolved with our customers’ needs and built a database that is centered on being the new-generation data management system which delivers opportunities to integrate, manage and have access to 100 percent of the data regardless if it is structured or unstructured or if it resides in the enterprise or outside the organization.”

Companies around the world use MarkLogic to make better-informed decisions and create robust, scalable applications to drive revenue, streamline operations, manage risk and make the world safer. MarkLogic’s Enterprise NoSQL database platform has driven value from a wide variety of use cases including:

  • Financial Services – six of the top ten Global Banks depend on MarkLogic. The database platform powers derivative trades, aggregates disparate data types from a myriad of systems, and runs mission critical systems for trading, reference data, compliance, and research management.
  • Healthcare – from insurance records and claims to public health data, to xrays and medical records, through MarkLogic software, Healthcare organizations make Patient 360 a reality – through better analytics and forecasting, and better access to information for medical professionals and consumers.
  • Government – MarkLogic software powers mission-critical alerting and decision support systems, and applications that are used everywhere from the battlefield to the briefing room as well as citizen-facing Open Government applications.
  • Publishers and media organizations – handle editorial content, images, video, structured data from ERP and CRM systems as well as metadata and semantic triples and create intelligence information delivery platforms, digital asset management systems and content creation systems.

MarkLogic Version 8 is available through the Early Access program and will be generally available early 2015.

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