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SAN CARLOS, Calif. – November 18, 2008 – MarkLogic Corporation, a leading provider of infrastructure software for information applications, today announced that JetBlue Airways Corporation (Nasdaq:JBLU) has selected MarkLogic as the technology foundation for the JetBlue Corporate Publications system – the application powering the airline’s JetBlue University corporate safety and compliance initiatives. As part of JetBlue University, the company’s consolidated learning department, JetBlue Corporate Publications is a new content assembly and delivery application housing a wide range of cross-departmental intellectual property, including regulatory compliance procedures, policies and education materials. This vital application based on MarkLogic Server repackages and delivers critical information to pilots, crews and administrative personnel charged with maintaining operational compliance in the field.

The new JetBlue Corporate Publications system helps JetBlue ensure that its operational processes remain in compliance with regulatory requirements from agencies including the Federal Aviation Administration, Occupational Safety & Health Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, International Civil Aviation Organization, among others. For example, the FAA’s Air Transportation Oversight System policies dictate hazard safety controls to airline operations in the areas of procedural compliance, performance assessment and risk management. MarkLogic’s XML content platform technology makes it possible for JetBlue to dynamically generate custom operational guidance and then to track compliance actions at a more fine, granular level – topic by topic.

“JetBlue is dedicated to providing crewmembers with the ability to access and review the content they require to be in compliance with all industry regulations,” said Murry Christensen, Director Learning Technologies, for JetBlue University. “MarkLogic’s platform organizes a vast array of governance information, synthesizing data that previously resided in multiple disparate locations into invaluable dynamically assembled content. We selected MarkLogic Server for its ability to build a comprehensive and effective organizational structure for advanced compliance and learning focused not on manuals, but specifically on processes. MarkLogic is an important part of delivering on JetBlue’s mission to provide safe air travel to our customers by delivering information our crewmembers need in a reliable, consistent manner.”

The system’s advanced learning capabilities deliver targeted, FAA-approved flight operations materials and supporting documents to the right individual at the precise time they are needed. JetBlue Corporate Publications’ use of MarkLogic Server enables the airline to provide personalized content for delivery to employees based on their role, task, location and area of responsibility. For example, a new policy document on flights over mountain ranges would get automatically delivered to pilots and crews on flights just prior to push-back on a flight over the Colorado Rockies. JetBlue Corporate Publications ensures that all cross-departmental regulations reach to all major operational units – including Flight, Airports, In-flight, Technical and Corporate – in a consistent and coordinated manner.

As planning began for the new JetBlue Corporate Publications application, it was clear that JetBlue University required a flexible, scalable XML-based platform as the basis of the replacement for its manually accessed and maintained document management system. A centralized repository was needed to accommodate a diverse range of cross departmental content types, including Microsoft Office documents and PDF files. The system also had to provide the flexibility to deliver content both online and offline in a variety of formats to various devices; in addition to maintaining a level of adaptability for JetBlue to build future applications without having to reconfigure or reload their massive assortment of content.

MarkLogic Server enables JetBlue’s business process owners, subject-matter experts, and non-technical authors to easily identify and leverage existing information across content stores to create new documents and workflows using familiar desktop tools such as Microsoft Office 2007. JetBlue can now re-use information more effectively to dynamically assemble and deliver documents in several formats (Word, XML, HTML, and PDF) out to multiple internal publishing channels, the Web and laptops/PDAs in the field. As the FAA and other regulatory bodies issue new guidelines, JetBlue can easily track these regulations, update core content elements, and publish the revised information to the right personnel, in a fraction of the time that was previously possible.

“JetBlue has an operational reputation for being one of the more innovative brands in the airline industry today,” said Tracy Eiler, vice president of marketing for MarkLogic Corporation. “Its unique application of MarkLogic Server leverages the company’s immense knowledge base to ensure consistent regulatory compliance and quality assurance throughout the JetBlue network.”

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