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Growth Capital to Meet Rising Demand for Enterprise-Grade NoSQL Solutions

SAN CARLOS, CA–(Apr 10, 2013)MarkLogic Corporation, the provider of the only enterprise NoSQL database platform, today announced that it has closed a $25 million round of growth capital led by Sequoia Capital and Tenaya Capital, with participation from Northgate Capital. MarkLogic CEO and former Oracle executive Gary Bloom also made a personal investment in this financing round. The company will use the capital to increase go-to-market capacity to meet the growing demand for enterprise NoSQL (Not Only SQL) technology from Fortune 500 companies, other large enterprises and government agencies.

“Enterprise customers are discovering that the relational databases they have relied on for years are not flexible and agile enough to manage complex and varied data formats that are required for modern applications. They also recognize that they cannot lower their standards for enterprise capabilities like transactional consistency, security, backup, recovery, high availability and alerting,” said Gary Bloom, CEO of MarkLogic Corporation. “Today, MarkLogic Server is the only NoSQL database with the enterprise features that CIOs require. For organizations that want to build, deploy and manage applications for dynamically changing enterprise data, MarkLogic is faster and more affordable than traditional relational databases while maintaining the same standard of trust in performance.”

MarkLogic Server can ingest, manage and search structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data allowing organizations to provide holistic access to all data through information applications and analytics tools. MarkLogic can run directly on the Apache* Hadoop Distributed File System, and this week demonstrated new innovative functionality for dynamic provisioning, rebalancing, tiered storage and semantics at its annual MarkLogic World User Conference in Las Vegas. Presentations from MarkLogic World will be available on demand.

MarkLogic is widely deployed for mission-critical applications in financial services, healthcare, media, publishing, aviation, government, and education. In recent weeks, applications built on MarkLogic Server have gone live at Dow Jones, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, which implemented the first phase of the Healthcare Information Exchange, and one of the world’s leading commercial banks.
“Organizations increasingly need a database optimally designed to handle semi-structured data, content-rich applications, and advanced analytics. While NoSQL databases were designed to address these requirements, most fail the test of meeting enterprise-grade capabilities in areas like security and availability,” said Evan Quinn, Sr. Analyst at ESG. “MarkLogic provides the schema-agnostic and scale out architecture of NoSQL with the same proven and trusted enterprise capabilities that CIOs and CTOs require in enterprise software.”

Additional highlights:

  • Investors include Sequoia Capital, Tenaya Capital, Northgate Capital, Gary Bloom and other members of the MarkLogic executive team.
  • $25 Million in new capital brings the total raised to $71.2 Million.
  • A recent whitepaper developed by ESG analyst Evan Quinn that explores how organizations are realizing that the relational databases of yesterday are not the right tool to solve today’s complex data challenges can be accessed here.

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