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Wealthfront’s Annual List Advises Millennials on Workplaces Most Likely to Grow into
Large Businesses and Provide Career Mobility

San Carlos, Calif. – November 21, 2017 – MarkLogic Corporation, the leading operational and transactional Enterprise NoSQL database provider, today announced its selection, for the fifth-consecutive year, as a 2018 “Career-Launching Company,” by Wealthfront, Inc. a financial planning and investment company.

Wealthfront cites 147 companies as “the ideal places for young people to start their careers because they are all highly likely to turn into large businesses.” As financial advisors, Wealthfront publishes the list in order to provide advice that maximizes young people’s net worth.

For this year’s list, Wealthfront surveyed 13 premier venture capital firms and selected MarkLogic based on the company’s current size, revenue, and growth trajectory. MarkLogic currently has more than 500 employees spread across multiple global offices in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

“As the world’s best multi-model database for integrating data from silos, we are pleased to see the growth and potential of our company continuously recognized by top investors and advisors,” said Gary Bloom, CEO of MarkLogic. “We pride ourselves on hiring and nurturing intelligent, creative problem-solvers, and are eager to keep the momentum going by offering an ideal workplace for younger engineers, developers, and operations staff. Our philosophy has always been to build an amazing company that attracts equally amazing people looking to bring innovation to disrupt an aging, and stodgy relational database world.”

Consistently, MarkLogic is the preferred choice for large enterprises and government agencies around the world to build and secure mission-critical applications. MarkLogic has more than 1,000 global enterprises and government agencies relying on its next-generation database to gain competitive advantages based on a 360-degree view of their data.

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