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SAN CARLOS, CA – September 13, 2022 – MarkLogic Corporation, a leader in complex data integration and portfolio company of Vector Capital, today announced that GIS WebTech has expanded their partnership with MarkLogic to now power its industry-leading Guru application, a Zillow-like experience for commercial real estate and economic development.

GIS WebTech, the fastest-growing provider of GIS tools and data to enable clients to promote their communities, recently launched Guru to enable businesses to select site or property locations based on everything from topographical information to neighborhood demographics to infrastructure. Guru is built on the Esri ArcGIS platform, the world’s most powerful mapping software.

The MarkLogic industry-leading data platform enables fast integration of all kinds of data sources, including csv files, JSON web services, XML web services, geographic data, and more. Its platform creates and refines metadata to support powerful models, building data agility. Older relational database technology, used in the first version of the application named Recruit, took longer to load data, onboard clients and serve customers.

“MarkLogic’s technology enables us to modernize our application to deliver more data, better insight, and at faster speeds,” said Ron Bertasi, CEO of GIS WebTech. “Commercial real estate and economic development will continue to evolve with an increasing focus on technology and data, and we believe that Guru will lead the way for our customers and partners.”

Guru, the most advanced GIS technology ever built for economic development, delivers a simple user experience like GIS apps that everyone already uses, like Zillow. Guru is highly configurable, allowing clients to present data that favors their communities, properties and stories and it includes cutting-edge features unavailable in older technologies, like the ability to add local data by dragging a spreadsheet onto the map.

MarkLogic is a long-time Esri partner and is well equipped to ingest its data for other companies that also rely on it. With MarkLogic powering Guru, users can do such things as access more than 18 advanced search options to quickly identify properties, focus search in opportunity zones, cluster properties on a map, share data with others, incorporate local workforce, quality of life data, and use intuitive map tools to simplify data analysis.

“Guru was tailor-made for all that MarkLogic does best: create value from complex data faster,” said Jeffrey Casale, MarkLogic CEO. “We’re excited to grow our abilities in ways that benefit so many, building upon our success in powering, which is used by millions of Americans to secure health insurance.”

Guru replaces GIS WebTech’s first version of their application, called Recruit, which disrupted the market four years ago with many first-ever features and fueled rapid company growth. The company’s commitment to continuous innovation gave rise to Guru, which went live April 14, and its enhanced capabilities.