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Munich – 24. October 2018 – MarkLogic Corporation, the leading operational and transactional enterprise NoSQL database provider, is a Platinum Sponsor at Big Data World where it will showcase its database technology at the distinguished technology event. Big Data World will take place on 7th and 8th November 2018 at the Frankfurt Exhibition. For the first time the Big Data World will bring several expos and congresses together under the one roof to become a true “how-to” event offering plenty of practical advice. Therefore, it is expected that the Big Data World will become a much-noticed platform for Big Data experts in Germany. Visitors will find MarkLogic in hall 4.1. at booth 1070.

Big Data World Frankfurt is expected to attract a large number of data experts all who are tackling big data and cloud. With Cloud Expo Europe, DevOps Live, Cloud & Cyber Security Expo, Smart IoT, Blockchain Tech World and Data Centre World running simultaneously, Frankfurt will become “the place to be” this November when it comes to managing data. MarkLogic’s large focus on cloud and cloud security is making Big Data World an obvious event for the company to sponsor. “Our modern, cloud-independent NoSQL database technology provides the appropriate instrument for efficient data management in companies and public authorities. It offers our customers not only the highest certified security standards in the cloud, but also agility and the greatest possible flexibility,” says Stefano Marmonti, Sales DACH Director at MarkLogic. “We are delighted to be a Platinum Sponsor at Big Data World in Frankfurt and are looking forward to having exciting conversations with decision makers, visionaries and experts at the event.”

At Big Data World MarkLogic will be represented by two guest speakers. Ken Krupa, CTO of MarkLogic, will talk about the benefits of using an operational data hub. In addition, Matthias Gutknecht, responsible for business development at STAR AG (Ramsen / Switzerland), will use practical examples to explain how the PRISMA server platform uses MarkLogic’s modern database technology to create attractive support services for companies from semantic product information, thereby accelerating and facilitating digitization projects.

Insurance companies, banks, hospitals and the manufacturing industry generate enormous amounts of data every day. The flood of data can only be used and processed in a value-adding way if access to the data, which is often stored in different silos, is clearly defined and controlled. In order to use data efficiently and analytically for business intelligence purposes, reliable datasets must be held in relation with each other. Fast access to data in the right context is only possible if data is previously harmonized, connected and put into correlation. MarkLogic’s database technology provides the solution to gain a flexible and agile 360-degree view of all existing data – cloud independent and with maximum security.

The recently introduced MarkLogic Data Hub Service offers an innovative service for this purpose. It provides a fast and cost-effective way to securely integrate, store, harmonize and analyze mission-critical enterprise data in the cloud. The MarkLogic Data Hub Service leverages the strengths of MarkLogic’s data hub technology to reduce the costs and operational hurdles associated with integrating vast amounts of business and user data. This curated data fuels powerful analytical and transactional applications, IoT analysis, knowledge graphs, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

“We are also pleased to welcome independent analyst firm BARC, another co-sponsor and partner, to Big Data World,” Marmonti continues. “BARC recently presented a study entitled Data Stewardship – Pioneers of Analytics which was prepared with the support of MarkLogic. The report examines the relevance of data and efficient data management from a business intelligence and analytics perspective. As part of Big Data World, BARC will present its new study – How to rule your data world – which once again addresses the issue of data governance and was also produced in collaboration with MarkLogic.”