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SAN CARLOS, Calif. — April 23, 2010 — MarkLogic Corporation, a leading provider of information infrastructure software, today announced that Chris Biow, Federal CTO will deliver the session “Universal, Composable Indexing” at Search Engine Meeting 2010 to be held April 26—27, 2010 at the Hyatt Regency in Boston, MA.

According to the conference program, “this presentation demonstrates a radical extension of special-purpose XML databases, incorporating conventional text indexing, ‘universal’ indexing of structure and XML semantics, scalar range indexes, spatial indexes, and ‘reverse’ indexes of search expressions. These ‘forward’ and ‘reverse’ indexes reside within the same databases, in the same search engine and DBMS kernel, and use the same extended XQuery language. Indexed databases are built on XML documents that may contain arbitrary combinations of structured or semistructured data, textual content, geospatial locations, and search expressions. Queries may then be run against such databases, where the queries themselves contain arbitrary XML documents mixing text and data, full-text and semantic search expressions, and geospatial constraints. This creates a true ‘data finding data’ capability, in which search expressions are simultaneously evaluated in both directions between the database and the query under evaluation.”

Now in its 15th year, Search Engine Meeting brings together people interested in the domain of search and retrieval. It attracts those with a professional interest in search engines—such as search engine developers and designers—and those interested in applying search engines in their own work environments. Search is at the heart of modern life, both inside the enterprise and for personal, business, and academic endeavors. Despite its pervasive nature, search remains complex, particularly as user expectations escalate. Search Engine Meeting provides an annual point of reference as to what is happening in this fast-moving and exciting field.

Chris Biow is Federal CTO at MarkLogic Corporation and is currently the technical lead for the company’s role in Federal Government business. He is specifically responsible for supervising pre and post sales architecture and implementations. Biow has worked in search, database, and knowledge management applications for over twenty years: in the US Navy with the Naval Research Laboratory; as Principal Architect with Verity and Autonomy; and with MarkLogic as Federal CTO.

He is a 1983 graduate of the US Naval Academy and served for eight years on active duty as a Radar Intercept Officer, flying the aircraft-carrier-based F-14 Tomcat. Mr. Biow completed a career in the Reserves with the Naval Research Laboratory, working with Space Systems and Sensors. His civilian career has included KM architecture for major projects with DoD, the US Intelligence Community, Bloomberg News, and technical publishers. Current projects include large-scale government message handling and massively scaled analytic systems for billions of documents and records.

Search Engine Meeting 2010 will be held at the Hyatt Regency in Boston, MA on April 26—27, 2010. Chris Biow will participate in the session “Universal, Composable Indexing” on Monday, April 26th at 4:15 p.m. ET.

For more information and to register for this conference, please visit: www.searchenginemeeting.net/2010/.

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