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SAN CARLOS, Calif. — September 23, 2009 — MarkLogic Corporation, a leading provider of infrastructure software for information applications, today announced that Chris Biow, Federal CTO will participate in the session “Information Discovery with an Enterprise Data Catalogue Service” at the XML-in-Practice 2009 Conference & Exposition to be held September 30—October 1, 2009 at the Arlington Hilton, in Arlington, VA.

This session will discuss methods government organizations can employ to strike a balance between information security and privacy, versus openness and sharing. Various branches of the U.S. Government are beginning to improve transparency and collaboration by using Enterprise Catalogs to easily categorize and track large bodies of data and make details about data available externally, while keeping source data secure. Enterprise Catalogues organize and store XML metadata across organizations, protecting its confidentiality by providing pieces of information—who, what, why, when, where—about stored data without requiring access to the data itself.

As part of the government-wide information sharing overhaul, the Department of Defense (DoD) is introducing a new and improved version of its Enterprise Catalog to provide fast access to a huge amount of defense-related metadata, compliant with the DoD Discovery Metadata Specification (DDMS), without compromising the DoD’s intense security requirements. During this session, Chris Biow will preview the new Enterprise Catalog, which is highly scalable, based on XML standards, and capable of holding millions of records.

The 2009 XML-in-Practice Conference is a dynamic and educational two-day conference that will showcase real world applications and solutions that XML has enabled, enhanced, or made possible. Each track will offer topics containing ample technical depth in order to discover important issues beyond mere fundamentals. Attendees will learn how to apply XML technologies in their environment, interact with others who are building XML applications in the industry and discover new technologies and research that will impact the future of XML.

Chris Biow is Federal CTO at MarkLogic Corporation and is currently the technical lead for the company’s role in Federal Government business. He is specifically responsible for supervising pre and post sales architecture and implementations. Biow has worked in search, database, and knowledge management applications for over twenty years: in the US Navy with the Naval Research Laboratory; as Principal Architect with Verity and Autonomy; and with MarkLogic as Federal CTO.

He is a 1983 graduate of the US Naval Academy and served for eight years on active duty as a Radar Intercept Officer, flying the aircraft-carrier-based F-14 Tomcat. Mr. Biow completed a career in the Reserves with the Naval Research Laboratory, working with Space Systems and Sensors. His civilian career has included KM architecture for major projects with DoD, the US Intelligence Community, Bloomberg News, and technical publishers. Current projects include large-scale government message handling and massively scaled analytic systems for billions of documents and records.

The XML-in-Practice 2009 Conference will be held at the Arlington Hilton in Arlington, Virginia on September 30—October 1, 2009. Chris Biow will participate in the session “Information Discovery with an Enterprise Data Catalogue Service” on Thursday, October 1st at 11:30am EDT.

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