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Customers and Partners look forward to MarkLogic Connector for Hadoop, Enterprise Big Data Features

SAN CARLOS, Calif. — November 1, 2011 — MarkLogic customers and partners are raving about the new and enhanced features in MarkLogic 5, the latest version of the company’s flagship product. MarkLogic Corporation, the company empowering organizations to make high stakes decisions on Big Data in real time, today announced that MarkLogic customers and partners are thrilled about the new features in MarkLogic 5, which include the new MarkLogic Connector for Hadoop and features that improve the management of complex information, confidence at scale, and enable true enterprise Big Data.

Avalon Consulting, LLC
Avalon Consulting, LLC, implements enterprise Web, search, Big Data, and learning solutions to clients in Global 2000 companies, public agencies, and institutions of higher learning.

“MarkLogic 5 has added some great features, especially around rich media, monitoring, and configuration management,” said Tony Jewitt, vice president of big data solutions, Avalon Consulting, LLC. “At Avalon Consulting, we’re very forward looking for our customers, so the feature we’re most excited about is integration with Hadoop. Having the ability to run batch-processing on information before it goes into MarkLogic, then to also enrich data that’s already inside MarkLogic, offers a lot of new possibilities for our customers. As Big Data continues to be a driving factor in technology decisions, being able to run Hadoop processes on data inside MarkLogic will be a real game changer.”

Informatics Corporation of America (ICA)
Informatics Corporation of America (ICA) was established to take innovative technology developed by Vanderbilt Medical Center to the broader healthcare market and now delivers a comprehensive HIE solution to hospitals, IDNs, communities, and states.

“We believe that MarkLogic 5 is well positioned to help solve many of the Big Data challenges that are emerging in the healthcare industry today,” said Jeff Cunningham, CTO at ICA. “By incorporating MarkLogic 5 into our CareAlign™ Health Information Exchange platform, we have the ability to securely aggregate, manage, share, and analyze large amounts of patient information derived from a wide variety of sources and formats. These capabilities will help doctors, hospitals, and healthcare systems across the country solve many of the care coordination and population health management challenges that exist in healthcare today.”

Infosys defines, designs, and delivers technology-enabled business solutions for Global 2000 companies. Infosys provides a complete range of services by leveraging domain and business expertise and strategic alliances with leading technology providers.

“MarkLogic 5 is a powerful enterprise Big Data solution for organizations leveraging any type of complex, unstructured information,” says, Priya Thampi, search and insight driven computing service line head, Infosys. “The new rich media support in MarkLogic 5 enables management and in-depth analysis of content like pictures and video. MarkLogic 5 also gives enterprises greater peace of mind with several features to enhance business continuity and platform reliability.”

The Optical Society (OSA)
OSA was organized to increase and diffuse the knowledge of optics, pure and applied; to promote the common interests of investigators of optical problems, of designers and of users of optical apparatus of all kinds; and to encourage cooperation among them.

“As a new user of MarkLogic 4.2 and MarkLogic 5, we have been impressed with its ability to optimize usability and integration,” said Scott Dineen, deputy senior director of publishing, the Optical Society (OSA). “The updated query console makes it much easier for non-technical staff and new hires to quickly interrogate all of our unstructured information. With an integrated platform that includes market leading rich media support, MarkLogic 5 gives OSA a lot more options for managing images, multimedia movie files, and different forms of PDF content. Ultimately, these changes will go a long way towards improving our return on investment and on our ability to deliver content to our customers.”

Springer is a leading global scientific publisher of books and journals, delivering quality content through innovative information products and services.

“Springer has a huge collection of complex data including text, images, and video as well as delivery channels which are just as diverse. MarkLogic 5 significantly simplifies data management by allowing us to store even more rich media and complex data in a single platform,” say Michael Hughes, head of development, Springer. “MarkLogic 5′s latest replication option allows us to easily distribute information across multiple sites and multiple applications. We are also very impressed with new monitoring features which help us more efficiently manage our operations.”

Yuxi Pacific
Yuxi Pacific provides solutions for companies to generate new revenue from existing content by quickly taking new ideas from concept to reality.

“MarkLogic is already a top-tier Big Data platform and MarkLogic 5 creates more opportunity for our global customer base. The MarkLogic Connector for Hadoop allows us to do much more with data we extract using Hadoop. For example, we can now run detailed, rich analytics of image fingerprints by putting the data into MarkLogic,” said Sergio Restrepo, senior architect, Yuxi Pacific. “With MarkLogic 5, you can manage and deliver rich media like images and videos in a very simple, efficient way. We are building an image library right now which is a perfect fit for MarkLogic 5.”

To learn more about MarkLogic 5, please visit the MarkLogic 5 web page. In addition to MarkLogic 5, MarkLogic today announced improvements to the MarkLogic Developer Community and MarkLogic Express, a new developer license. Details can be found on the MarkLogic Developer Web Page.