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SAN CARLOS, Calif. – January 20, 2009 – MarkLogic Corporation, a leading provider of infrastructure software for information applications, today announced the MarkLogic Toolkit for Word®. Distributed under the open-source Apache 2.0 license, the MarkLogic Toolkit for Word delivers a free, simple way for developers to combine native XML-based functionality in both MarkLogic Server and the most common content authoring environment, Microsoft Office Word 2007. Developers can rapidly build applications for finding and reusing enterprise content, enriching documents for search and analytics, and enhancing documents with custom metadata. The MarkLogic Toolkit for Word includes a pre-built plug-in framework for Microsoft Office Word 2007, a sample application, and an extensive library for managing and manipulating Microsoft Office Word 2007 documents.

Benefits of MarkLogic Toolkit for Word®

Intelligent Authoring – the MarkLogic Toolkit for Word provides the ability to build a role- and task-aware application within Microsoft Office Word 2007 to improve the content authoring process. This functionality allows users to easily locate and preview content at any level of granularity and insert it into an active document, as well as manage custom document metadata. These applications appear directly alongside the document in Microsoft Office Word 2007, and can take advantage of the role of the author, the specific task they are trying to accomplish, and other helpful business rules to greatly enhance the authoring experience. One example is a subject-matter expert at a pharmaceutical company creating a document to support an operational procedure for clinical drug trials. With MarkLogic Toolkit for Word, this author can search across a vast store of policy documents to find and assemble new content using the latest approved U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations.

Rapid Application Development – the MarkLogic Toolkit for Word empowers developers to quickly build content applications that leverage Office Open XML, the native XML-based format of Microsoft Office Word 2007. The MarkLogic Toolkit for Word includes an add-in application for deploying web-based content applications into Microsoft Office Word 2007. This enables developers to use popular web development techniques, such as HTML, JavaScript, and .NET to build powerful applications that work in concert with the Microsoft Office Word 2007 authoring environment. The MarkLogic Toolkit for Word also provides XQuery libraries that simplify working with Office Open XML for granular search, dynamic assembly, transformation, and delivery with MarkLogic Server. By leveraging the underlying XML markup, content applications built with MarkLogic and Microsoft Office Word 2007 can “round-trip” documents without complicated and error-prone conversion between various formats.

“While special-purpose XML authoring tools have been available to customers for years, they have traditionally been expensive, difficult for users to navigate, and require a large training investment,” said Jason Monberg, vice president of product management, MarkLogic Corporation. “The introduction of Office Open XML formats and the emergence of XML servers have significantly upped the ante in how organizations can leverage XML capabilities across the entire enterprise. With MarkLogic Toolkit for Word, developers have the ability to effectively deploy content applications that not only utilizes the most popular content authoring environment, but also harnesses the tremendous horsepower of MarkLogic Server.”

The MarkLogic Toolkit for Word allows developers to inspect, modify, and even redistribute the source code to meet specific needs. MarkLogic is committed to building an open and collaborative forum for developers to share tools and knowledge about MarkLogic Server and other XML-based technologies. To download the latest release of MarkLogic Toolkit for Word, please visit the MarkLogic Developer Workshop located at