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SAN CARLOS, Calif. – January 20, 2009 – MarkLogic Corporation, a leading provider of infrastructure software for information applications, today announced the general availability of the MarkLogic Connector for SharePoint®. This new offering leverages the powerful combination of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and MarkLogic Server. It automatically mirrors content from Office SharePoint Server 2007 to MarkLogic Server and pushes content at any stage of a business workflow. Once in MarkLogic, customers can create rich, XML-based applications that make it easier to find and repurpose individual components of content in order to unlock greater value of information.

“Content such as policies and procedures, training materials, operational documents, and technical manuals are some of the most valuable assets in our organization,” said Murry Christensen, director learning technologies, JetBlue University, which is responsible for the orientation and training of all employees at JetBlue Airways. “Both Microsoft and MarkLogic are strategic technology partners for JetBlue Airways. The combination of their offerings enables us to leverage the document services of SharePoint Server and the XML processing of MarkLogic Server. Now we can drive down the costs of previous enterprise content management investments and focus on high value content delivery. The bottom line is that we’ve greatly improved our operational effectiveness and can react swiftly to changes in aviation regulatory compliance.”

“With the development of this connector, MarkLogic can offer customers advanced XML processing capabilities for Office SharePoint Server 2007,” said Tom Rizzo, senior director, Microsoft SharePoint. “The pairing of these two technologies addresses an organizational imperative – the need to generate greater value from content assets through the dynamic assembly, granular reuse, and personalized delivery of information.”

Features of the MarkLogic Connector for SharePoint®

Active Library Mirroring – the MarkLogic Connector for SharePoint transparently mirrors content from Office SharePoint Server 2007 document libraries to MarkLogic Server. The Office SharePoint Server 2007 connector actively listens for changes to major versions of documents and automatically propagates those changes to MarkLogic, where they can be exploited in applications for content assembly and reuse. The library mirroring provides “set-and-forget” capabilities for bulk push operations with minimal administrator set-up and no end user intervention. This feature ensures consistent handling of numerous documents at any given time and can be customized to include various kinds of processing such as entity enrichment.

Workflow Integration – the MarkLogic Connector for SharePoint provides components for integrating directly within Office SharePoint Server 2007 workflows. Common workflow components such as copy and delete a document within MarkLogic are easily incorporated as part of a workflow, such as an approval process. In addition, there is also a component allowing for integration of advanced XML processing within sophisticated business workflows for element and attribute-level processing. The Office SharePoint Server 2007 connector integrates with Microsoft’s visual workflow design tools and can be used with or without library mirroring.

“In today’s market we see organizations who have adopted Office SharePoint Server for departmental level collaboration having trouble sharing information across business units,” said Eric Severson, CTO, Flatirons Solutions. “MarkLogic Server provides a platform that unifies those silos while also supporting robust XML processing and advanced content delivery services. As a MarkLogic integrator, we’re pleased to be able to bring the benefits of both these innovative technologies to our customers.”

“The old rules of enterprise content management no longer apply. Now, Office SharePoint Server and open source alternatives provide an escape hatch for organizations that have been handcuffed to bloated, expensive content management solutions,” said Jason Monberg, vice president of product management, MarkLogic Corporation. “For the first time, customers and partners can bolster their investments in Office SharePoint Server 2007 and MarkLogic Server to effectively crack open their documents, extract key knowledge, reassemble, and deliver it to each audience on the device of their choice.”

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