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SAN CARLOS and SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — May 5, 2010 — MarkLogic Corporation, a leading provider of information infrastructure software, today announced the winners of the 2010 Innovation Awards. These awards were presented by MarkLogic’s CEO at a ceremony held today at the company’s seventh annual MarkLogic User Conference. The MarkLogic Innovation Awards recognize customers that have demonstrated outstanding leadership in their use of MarkLogic Server to build the next-generation of information applications. The 2010 winning organizations include:

American Institute of Physics (AIP) — AIP used MarkLogic Server to build Scitation C3, its ground-breaking platform which hosts 2,000,000 articles from more than 200 science-related publications. AIP also used MarkLogic to launch iResearch, a mobile e-Reader application that makes scientific journal articles on topics ranging from biological physics to atomic quantum fluids available on Apple iPhone and Apple iPod Touch devices.

Cengage Learning — A provider of customized learning solutions, Cengage Learning leveraged MarkLogic to deliver on a strategic company-wide initiative to create a content authoring application for the organization’s education materials. An innovative combination of commercial software and open source technologies, Cengage Learning’s authoring application allows for faster creation and preparation of metadata-rich semantic content. The integration of Cengage Learning’s Content Management System (CAMS) and MarkLogic Server improves access to content for re-use and the delivery of information applications to customers and partners.

Elsevier — Elsevier used MarkLogic as the enabling technology for MD Consult, a resource that brings medical resources together into one integrated online service to help physicians find answers to clinical questions and make better treatment decisions. Trusted by more than 1,900 healthcare organizations, MD Consult combines leading medical reference books, medical journals, and The Clinics of North America with patient education handouts, drug information, medical news, and other resources.

FAA C3 Program Office — EON System — The FAA Emergency Operations Network (EON) Dashboard is a data fusion application of XML, exported SQL content, Office documents, and metadata image cards. This is combined into a single repository to track and perform analysis on incidents occurring on commercial aircraft. MarkLogic provides full text and metadata searching across content. Results are displayed with facets to provide fast browsing access to the most relevant content. Google Maps are also integrated with MarkLogic to provide geospatial searching and display of content based on coordinates.

Northrop Grumman — Northrop Grumman is using MarkLogic Server to support large-scale system virtualization and cloud computing initiatives for its government customers.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day SaintsThe LDS Church uses MarkLogic as the organization’s strategic content infrastructure for developing interactive websites, content applications, single source repositories, and basic content management systems. Using MarkLogic, LDS Church can rapidly develop innovative Web applications that are used by millions of users worldwide.

The Warrior Gateway — Led by Business Executives for National Security (BENS) and a coalition of non-profit and corporate partners, the Warrior Gateway serves as a trusted and reliable online portal for service members, veterans, and their families. Developed on MarkLogic Server, the site connects members of the military community with needed resources as they return to civilian life. Among its features, users can search, map and rate service organizations and programs and the value of services delivered, and discover employers seeking their unique skills. implemented MarkLogic to serve as the underlying content framework for the company’s international directory business. Leveraging MarkLogic as its centralized information repository, allows users to search online and discover relevant services and businesses near their preferred geographical location. Part search engine and part contextual content matching engine, provides users with a resource for research that leverages multiple content types to provide customers with more focused results.

“The organizations we’re honoring today are doing astonishing things with MarkLogic and ushering in a bold new era for information applications,” said Dave Kellogg, CEO, MarkLogic Corporation. “Our customers have proven that the right infrastructure enables organizations to build and deploy powerful applications that generate significant value from semi- and unstructured information. We’re pleased to recognize the leadership of the 2010 Innovation Award winners and congratulate them on their achievements.”