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SAN CARLOS, CA — February 11, 2008 — MarkLogic Corporation, a leading provider of infrastructure software for information applications, today announced the Vertical Content Delivery Quick Start package, a combination of software and services designed to help publishers channel their content into specialized digital products for targeted audiences.

The Vertical Content Delivery solution helps publishers quickly build and deliver multiple focused products – such as websites that contain micro-vertical content from books or journals combined with information in external sources such as newsfeeds and blogs – to niche audiences. Publishers can create a web interface that enables editors or product managers to control the content that is delivered to users and load and manage the external sources.

For example, the publisher of a newsletter on the maintenance of highly technical and specialized aircraft parts can load this content online and combine it with blog posts from experts in the aircraft maintenance business, creating a site that becomes the authoritative source of best practices for maintenance of these particular components. As the website becomes a destination for a core audience, it can be more easily packaged for targeted advertising and additional market opportunities.

With innovative out-of¬-the-box interactive interfaces delivered as widgets, publishers can create sites that go beyond providing a simple search box and enable visitors to easily explore vast amounts of online content to find hidden nuggets of information. Site visitors can visualize the content with the most effective interface for exploring the specific information, including dynamic lists, tables of contents, faceted navigation, tag clouds, heat maps and more. Users can also tag, comment on, and rate content, and save their favorite searches. The user-generated comments can help determine the relevance of future search results, so all visitors benefit from the increased user interaction. Additionally, by searching a smaller set of highly focused content, users avoid getting too many generic results and instead find just the answer they are looking for.

“Many publishers with extremely valuable, highly specialized content don’t have the resources or tools to create specialized online user communities to really connect with their target audiences,” said Andy Feit, senior vice president of marketing for MarkLogic. “MarkLogic streamlines the process of creating sticky electronic products with a high appeal to a loyal niche audience. And as publishers look to create products on either a subscription- or advertising-based revenue model down the road, a niche and targeted audience will be crucial for driving online revenue.”

The Quick Start solution leverages the unique capabilities of MarkLogic Server, increasing the agility of traditional book and magazine publishers by providing content targeted to niche markets. MarkLogic has already implemented solutions for vertical content delivery at leading companies in the publishing industry, including Oxford University Press, Inc. and Reed Business Information. The new Quick Start combines the knowledge and expertise gained from these deployments and enables a greater range of customers to quickly build and deploy vertically targeted products.

The Vertical Content Delivery Quick Start package includes

  • One MarkLogic Server license for use with the Quick Start solution
  • One year of maintenance
  • Pre-built solution components to create a fully-functional, turnkey vertical website, implemented by a MarkLogic consultant