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Customers can see and analyze unstructured Big Data, providing deeper insights, without the support of IT

SAN CARLOS, Calif. — December 17, 2012 — MarkLogic Corporation, provider of the MarkLogic Enterprise NoSQL database, and Tableau Software, the global leader in rapid-fire business intelligence software, today announced a partnership that delivers world-class analytics and visualization over unstructured Big Data. As a result, business users can now harness the power of Tableau’s award-winning business intelligence and reporting solutions to access disparate data sets of structured and unstructured data stored in a MarkLogic database.

MarkLogic’s data and analytics are made available to Tableau via an industry-standard SQL API over ODBC (Open Database Connectivity). This is available today by downloading MarkLogic and the ODBC connector at and Tableau Desktop at

“MarkLogic has delivered a solution that combines Tableau’s analytics and visualization tools with the complex data insights produced by the MarkLogic database,” said Dan Jewett, Vice President of Product Management at Tableau Software. “Working with both structured and unstructured data from MarkLogic in the visual interfaces of Tableau enables business people of all technology levels to ask and answer questions from a wider array of data.”

MarkLogic 6 is an Enterprise NoSQL database for building reliable, scalable and secure Big Data search and analytics applications, quickly and easily. It’s the only database that offers real-time performance and massive scalability over operational Big Data, structured or unstructured. MarkLogic features full-text search, real-time alerting, and an array of analytic capabilities such as co-occurrence and in-database MapReduce.

“MarkLogic can solve a lot of problems that a legacy relational database simply can’t handle. Now, with the Tableau partnership, MarkLogic customers have a world-class, easily-accessible tool to visualize and create interactive dashboards. With MarkLogic and Tableau together, business users gain valuable insights into their operational Big Data quickly and easily,” said Steve Guttman, Vice President, Product Management, MarkLogic.

The out-of-the-box ODBC driver for SQL connectivity to Tableau added to MarkLogic 6 makes it easy to integrate Tableau and MarkLogic. Specific benefits include:

  • Gain new insights from Big Data: rich interactive analytics dashboards based on all data, in real time, improve decision-making
  • Leverage existing tools and skills: using MarkLogic and Tableau together requires no additional training, and allows customers to reuse existing report templates and avoids the need for custom integration
  • Simplify IT infrastructure: now you don’t need to maintain and synchronize separate stores for unstructured Big Data and for analytics – you can store, manage, query all your operational Big Data in MarkLogic and create interactive visualizations directly on that data

MarkLogic and Tableau will co-host a webcast on Tuesday, December 18, 2012, at 11:00 a.m. ET/8:00 a.m. PT that will show what it means to combine the power of Tableau with MarkLogic’s Enterprise NoSQL database. To register or learn more about the webcast, please visit:

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