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SAN CARLOS, Calif. – March 5, 2008 – MarkLogic Corporation, a leading provider of infrastructure software for information applications, today announced a technology partnership with Medialab Solutions, creators of the AquaBrowser Library search and discovery platform.

MarkLogic Server is an XML content platform on which partners and customers build information access and delivery solutions used by publishers, government agencies, and other large enterprises to accelerate the creation of content applications.

AquaBrowser Library is the world leader in library search, providing a platform exclusively dedicated to providing visual faceted search solutions for libraries. The product seamlessly integrates with any major library system, opening up both the library catalog and any other information source.

Now customers can use AquaBrowser as an integrated search and discovery interface on top of MarkLogic, resulting in faster time to delivery of a custom built content application. By combining MarkLogic and AquaBrowser, customers that have or want to build a search and discovery application, or anyone who publishes large collections of scholarly work that needs to be searched, for example, medical databases and reference materials will now benefit from a more powerful search and retrieval experience.

“We’re very happy to partner with MarkLogic to leverage their world class XML and XQuery-based content repository,” said Taco Ekkel, director of development at Medialab Solutions. “Customers can use MarkLogic and AquaBrowser to quickly search through huge content indexes from the intuitive AquaBrowser interface.”

“We’re pleased to partner with Medialab, a division of our customer Bowker,” said Andy Feit, senior vice president of marketing at MarkLogic Corporation. “Working together we will offer the publishing market a state-of-the-art search and discovery interface that helps them more quickly build and deploy custom content applications and enables users richer faceted navigation of their content.”

About AquaBrowser

AquaBrowser® is the world leader in visual faceted search that connects to any number of data sources. Its creators at Medialab Solutions, a Bowker company, focus all efforts toward creating successful searching solutions with invigorating passion to maintain all libraries as superior sources of information and knowledge. AquaBrowser can be found in libraries around the world, including over 130 library systems in the USA, libraries in the UK, Germany, Belgium, Spain and Italy and 80% of all public libraries in the Netherlands. Today, nearly 2,000 library locations are serving over 60 million citizens worldwide with the visual AquaBrowser search and discovery experience. www.aquabrowser.com

About Bowker

Bowker® is the world’s leading source for bibliographic information. The company provides searching, analytical, promotional, and ordering services to publishers, booksellers, libraries, and patrons through national and international brands, including: Books In Print®, Global Books In Print®, Syndetic Solutions™, Pubnet®, PubEasy®, PubTrack™, AquaBrowser® and more. In the U.S., Australia and Puerto Rico, Bowker is also the exclusive ISBN and SAN Agency and a DOI registration agency for the publishing industry. Bowker is headquartered in New Providence, New Jersey, with operations in East Grinstead, England, and Port Melbourne, Australia. www.bowker.com

About MarkLogic

MarkLogic helps customers create value from complex data faster. Our platform ingests data from any source, creating and refining metadata to support powerful models. Customers use these models for deep search and query, building enterprise applications and bringing unique insights to analytics and machine learning.

About Vector Capital

Vector Capital is a San Francisco-based leading global private equity firm focused on transformative investments in technology and technology-enabled businesses. Founded in 1997, Vector oversees approximately $4 billion of capital across its private equity and credit strategies from a variety of investors including university endowments, foundations, and financial institutions. With our disciplined approach to valuation and deep-rooted operational experience, Vector has generated competitive returns and established a successful track record spanning nearly 25 years. For more information, please visit www.vectorcapital.com.

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