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Support extends service to organizations running Hortonworks Data Platform

NEW YORK, NY. — Strata Conference + Hadoop World — October 22, 2012 — MarkLogic Corporation, provider of the MarkLogic Enterprise NoSQL database, and Hortonworks, a leading commercial vendor promoting the development and support of Apache Hadoop, today announced an expanded partnership. In ongoing efforts to more closely align MarkLogic and Hadoop, MarkLogic will redistribute the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) Hadoop along with a suite of tools that provides connectivity between Hadoop and MarkLogic. MarkLogic will also provide enterprise-class support for mission-critical applications that combine Hadoop and MarkLogic.

MarkLogic joined the Hortonworks Technology Partner Program and introduced the MarkLogic Connector for Hadoop earlier this year. The MarkLogic Connector for Hadoop is a powerful drop-in extension for Hadoop that provides efficient two-way communication between MarkLogic and the Hadoop distributed file system, using standard MapReduce jobs. It simplifies parallel loading from HDFS to MarkLogic and provides the ability to leverage MarkLogic’s indexes for MapReduce processing.

Since its debut, the MarkLogic Connector for Hadoop has been used by MarkLogic customers and partners to meld Hadoop’s formidable batch processing and storage capabilities with MarkLogic’s unique ability to run real-time ad hoc queries on unstructured data. This combination allows users to build real-time applications with MarkLogic that take advantage of Hadoop for large-scale processing and economical storage. With today’s announcement, customers who deploy MarkLogic with Hadoop can rely on the expertise of the MarkLogic support team for unified support across the entire MarkLogic and Hadoop platform.

“Hortonworks is a leader in the Apache Hadoop open-source project and is a valued partner in helping us create alignment between MarkLogic’s enterprise NoSQL solutions and Hadoop,” said Gary Lang, MarkLogic Executive Vice President, Products. “Adding a support offering for Hortonworks Data Platform enables us to offer customers a single point of contact for more comprehensive enterprise-grade Big Data applications.”

“Through our partnership with MarkLogic we can provide organizations a better way to leverage their Apache Hadoop stack to build interactive, operational applications on all of their data without having to sacrifice ease of use, development agility, or enterprise reliability,” said Eric Baldeschwieler, CTO and co-founder, Hortonworks. “Offering support services for customers deploying MarkLogic and HDP will create more flexibility for businesses looking to get the best of both worlds.”

MarkLogic also announced today MarkLogic enterprise NoSQL database on HDFS, bringing together the best of both worlds to deliver the industry’s most capable platform for managing big data. See the press release MarkLogic® Announces MarkLogic® Enterprise NoSQL Database on HDFS.

For more than a decade, MarkLogic has delivered a powerful and trusted enterprise-grade NoSQL database that enables organizations to turn all data into valuable and actionable information. The company continues to make its solution more accessible, flexible, and interoperable through product innovations and partnerships.

For more information about MarkLogic, please visit the MarkLogic website, or for more information on how MarkLogic works with Hadoop, please visit the MarkLogic Hadoop webpage. To learn more about Hortonworks, please visit the Hortonworks website.

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