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MarkLogic Extends its Market Leadership with New Data Integration, Security, and Manageability Features for Optimal Data Access, Integration and Dissemination

SAN FRANCISCO – May 10, 2016 – At the 11th annual MarkLogic World user conference, MarkLogic Corporation, the leading operational and transactional Enterprise NoSQL database provider, revealed a preview of MarkLogic 9, the latest release of the world’s best database for integrating data from silos. New data integration, security and manageability capabilities will help organizations more easily and affordably achieve a unified, actionable 360-view of their data—which can serve as a platform for building next-generation applications that power better business decisions, reduce time to value and mitigate risk.

Many organizations and governments are struggling to leverage all of their data. Typically, their data is locked in disconnected silos, and in order to access the information these organizations are spending excessive time and money on ETL (extract, transform and load) tools in order to shoehorn data into relational databases. The problem with this approach is that customers, partners and employees demand accurate, up-to-date information in real-time, and cannot wait months or years for laborious integration projects to be completed.

The MarkLogic database is the new generation alternative to the decades-old relational database that relies on ETL tools to integrate data from silos. The MarkLogic database provides the flexibility, scalability and agility of NoSQL with enterprise-hardened features like government-grade security and high availability. Building upon these core values and features such as bitemporal, geospatial, tiered storage and cloud support, MarkLogic 9 will include new data integration technologies, enhanced security and improved manageability to further reduce the complexity and cost of data integration, access and management, while improving the integrity of an organization’s data.

New features in MarkLogic 9 revealed today include, but are not limited to:

Data Integration. MarkLogic 9 features make it easier and faster for organizations to manage the varied, often messy and costly effect of continuously changing data that exists across the enterprise.

  • Entity Services let developers give their data meaning by using a semantic model of the key concepts (entities) and the relationships between them. Unlike other databases that force developers to operate at the physical level, MarkLogic 9 lets developers focus on the concepts that matter – not the details. This allows organizations to access disparate data from multiple sources, better and faster than before.
  • The Optic API is a powerful new query mechanism that allows developers to efficiently combine documents, triples, and rows for unprecedented flexibility to execute joins across entities, perform aggregations, and project data in different views. Queries using the Optic API are fast, leveraging a new underlying index and distributed execution across a cluster.
  • Lastly, enhanced SQL capabilities integrate data from the MarkLogic database with existing SQL tools to make Business Intelligence and other functionalities powerful, fast and effective.

Security. MarkLogic 9 continues to build upon industry-leading security, with new features that address how data is protected and exported, and how privacy is preserved.

  • MarkLogic 9 introduces an advanced encryption capability that protects data from hackers and insider threats using standards-based cryptography, advanced key management, and granular separation of duties.
  • New redaction features eliminate the exposure of sensitive information such as social security numbers by removing specific information or replacing it with other values in order to prevent leakage of sensitive data.
  • Element-Level Security allows specific elements or properties of XML and JSON documents to be hidden from particular users, providing an even more granular level of security than the document-level security that already exists in the MarkLogic database.

Manageability. MarkLogic 9 improves the customer experience by delivering easier and proactive administration that increases staff productivity and agility.

  • MarkLogic Ops Director eases management for system administrators across multiple clusters, across cloud and on-premise systems, and across production, test and development environments. It is a single pane of glass for an organization’s entire MarkLogic infrastructure.
  • Rolling Upgrade lets system administrators upgrade MarkLogic clusters without downtime. It is another part of the MarkLogic effort to deliver non-disruptive operations, which is already visible in features like tiered storage, online rebalancing, and elasticity.
  • Telemetry will help MarkLogic to proactively discover, fix and alert customers to potential issues.

“I couldn’t be more excited about MarkLogic 9. Our global customers have the most demanding applications in the world and they’ve helped us shape what will be a major step forward in the way databases are used and the value they provide,” said Joe Pasqua, executive vice president, Products, MarkLogic Corporation. “Customers need to leverage their data assets and they have to do it quickly, efficiently, and adaptably because they need results today and know the questions they need to ask of their data will change tomorrow. MarkLogic 9 has fantastic new capabilities and features that will make their jobs easier and their results better.”

Data experts from organizations such as Aetna, BBC, KPMG, NBCUniversal and hundreds of others are leveraging the MarkLogic database to integrate data from silos without implementing costly and time-consuming ETL tools. Enterprises and organizations can then operationalize their data to create new revenue and market opportunities, improve time to production and manage risk.

MarkLogic 9 is scheduled for general availability in December 2016. For more information about the company and the MarkLogic database platform, visit MarkLogic.

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