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SAN CARLOS, Calif. — June 10, 2010 — MarkLogic Corporation, a leading provider of information infrastructure software, today announced that Law School Exchange has implemented MarkLogic Server to power its search capabilities. Fully integrated with The West Education Network (TWEN), Law School Exchange delivers a networking and content sharing site that brings together law school faculty and content to meet the changing needs of legal education.

The Law School Exchange portal enables law students and faculty to connect, share, publish, and collaborate on content, events, and issues that are important to the community. Law faculties have the ability to share information with colleagues and create resources such as custom course packages. Users can also publish and distribute articles, books, and other materials for research, teaching, and scholarly purposes. Leveraging MarkLogic’s advanced search functionality, Law School Exchange provides users with faster and better results. Instead of just pointing to a document, legal students and faculty can find specific, relevant information immediately.

“MarkLogic offers the most powerful search and retrieval capabilities available for online content,” said Tracy Eiler, vice president of marketing, MarkLogic Corporation. “MarkLogic is pleased to provide Law School Exchange with the infrastructure software to deliver critical content to the legal community. Law School Exchange has built a platform that can grow and evolve as the company continues to innovate and explore new information products.”

Delivered with the support of MarkLogic’s world-class professional services organization, Law School Exchange includes features that allow community members to build and join groups of law faculty who share similar interests and activities. Seamless integration with TWEN allows for easy distribution of custom course packages to students with just a couple mouse clicks. Law School Exchange Document Viewer ensures that materials are represented in the way they were intended, regardless of file format. Other tools such as forums, document exchange, blogs, and wikis make it easier to communicate and share new ideas.