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MarkLogic Technology Supports Initiative for Faster, Cost Effective Content Delivery

SAN CARLOS, Calif. — December 7, 2010 — MarkLogic Corporation, the company revolutionizing the way organizations leverage unstructured information, today announced that it is the engine behind a new online “one stop shop” that will make providing digital course packs for Norwegian Higher Education institutes faster, easier, and more affordable. The application is being implemented by Kopinor, an organization that represents copyright holders of published works through 22 member organizations, including five publisher associations and 17 author associations.

Historically, providing course content has been a time consuming and manual process. With Kopinor’s “one stop shop,” customers will be able to choose custom content for courses quickly and easily via the web. Kopinor holds the collective rights for all Norwegian universities, providing access to up to 15 percent of any book in the world. With this new initiative, customers can access content from Kopinor’s vast catalogue and request books from other sources directly online. This provides a service that is faster and less expensive to the end user while reducing Kopinor’s time and effort to fulfill orders.

“By introducing an online ‘one stop shop’ for our customers, we aim to improve our quality of service and speed of fulfillment – providing them with the ability to customize content through a much more simplified process,” said Jon Samuelson, business development manager, Kopinor. “This would have been much more difficult without the benefit of using the MarkLogic database as a repository for content and search. MarkLogic has enabled us to take our product offering to the next level.”

Customers will also be able to re-use and update the custom content they create online without having to go through a manual system. MarkLogic is providing the search and repository database to Kopinor as part of an overall solution from Computas, a Norwegian IT Consultancy. The application is scheduled to be piloted in June 2011.

“Kopinor has the unique responsibility for managing the collective copyrights for all the universities of an entire country,” said John Pomeroy, vice president, MarkLogic Europe. “The company needed a solution with the ability to manage all of the data in a single repository while allowing users to generate new content from that data. As the only database built for managing unstructured information, MarkLogic was able to fulfill that need and have a real impact on the bottom line.”

For more information on Kopinor, please visit http://www.kopinor.no/en. To learn more about MarkLogic, please visit the MarkLogic website at marklogic.orbit-websites.com.

About Kopinor

Kopinor represents authors and publishers through 22 member organizations. Kopinor enters into agreements on the use of copyright protected works. The remuneration is distributed to rights-holders in Norway and abroad.

About MarkLogic

MarkLogic helps customers create value from complex data faster. Our platform ingests data from any source, creating and refining metadata to support powerful models. Customers use these models for deep search and query, building enterprise applications and bringing unique insights to analytics and machine learning.

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