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LONDON and BERLIN — 7th October, 2014 — Klopotek, the leading provider of software solutions for the publishing industry, and MarkLogic Corporation today announced that they are collaborating to develop future Klopotek publishing industry applications using MarkLogic® software. The first application, slated for general availability in Q1 2015, is a web-based Rights, Licenses and Permissions Manager. Klopotek will demonstrate a prototype of this application at Frankfurt Book Fair, 8th – 12th October 2014, Hall 4 stand E9.

Klopotek has traditionally built applications using a relational database but is now developing upcoming applications using MarkLogic’s Enterprise NoSQL database platform. The key factors influencing Klopotek’s decision were MarkLogic’s ability to support multiple, complex data types including contracts, asset metadata and rights and usage data. Other important attributes are MarkLogic’s ACID compliance – ensuring the integrity of data – and support for semantics to better model relationships between assets, products and suppliers.

Klopotek customer De Gruyter already uses MarkLogic software. Dr. Sven Fund, CEO of De Gruyter and author of the article Integrated Publishing, commented, “As publishers and information providers look to leverage their customer data and product information to drive innovation, we and many other influential organizations in the publishing industry, value a database system that can integrate, manage and search the many diverse sets of data that drive our business. It seems to me that Klopotek realizes that traditional technologies cannot support today’s heterogeneous data that companies require to make them competitive and it has therefore taken this step.”

Klopotek’s Rights, Licenses and Permissions Manager is a new generation Javascript web application running on Klopotek STREAM, a new platform with a state-of-the-art user experience that runs across multiple devices. The new application is fully integrated with existing Klopotek applications. Because it is based on MarkLogic technology, the new application is among the first of its kind to manage the myriad of specifications and license agreement terms involved in supporting the acquisition and licensing of components at the asset level and delivering this with a flexible, dynamic user interface.

For customers, the benefits of using Klopotek’s application running on the MarkLogic database platform are clear. Combining the meta, master and transactional data with the content in a single repository can lead to a reduction in the cost of acquiring content, accelerating the rights acquisition process, extending the use and reuse of content, and ensuring the compliance of content in both digital and print publishing.

According to Ulrich Klopotek von Glowczewski, CEO, Klopotek, “As we embarked on the next phase of our business growth we realised we needed a next generation database platform that would enable us to deliver a whole new raft of services. With its market-leading position in the publishing industry and a feature-rich platform, MarkLogic technology will give our customers the assurance of a future-proof solution.”

“We believe this collaboration will result in a new generation of innovative solutions for Klopotek’s publishing customers. By combining the technology and know-how from both companies, customers can expect an outstanding user experience,” said Adrian Carr, Vice President of MarkLogic EMEA. “This first application is a major step forward as publishers will be able to cut the costs and time associated with acquiring and managing publishing assets.”

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