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MarkLogic Database Helps Leading Health Organization Rapidly and Securely Distribute Medical Research, Data and Opinions

San Carlos, Calif. – March 15, 2016 – MarkLogic Corporation, a leading operational and transactional Enterprise NoSQL database provider, today announced that The JAMA Network — the publisher of the Journal of the American Medical Association and 11 specialty journals — built its content distribution network on the MarkLogic® database. The JAMA Network integrates more than a century’s worth of medical data with current research — as many as 75 articles per week — to provide customers with the most valuable up-to-date information available. By integrating millions of files and 3.2 terabytes of data (and growing) with the MarkLogic database, the JAMA Network can discover, access, and reuse all of its information with the highest possible levels of security and availability. Since the implementation, the publisher has been able to streamline the content distribution workflow significantly.

“We can distribute content much easier than anticipated, all while knowing that our data is protected and extremely usable,” said Karen Adams-Taylor, Vice President, Publishing Operations, American Medical Association. “We required a flexible and agile database that could manage diverse data types and could also provide necessary enterprise features like role-based security and ACID transactions. The MarkLogic database was the one database that could provide this unique combination.”

The JAMA Network delivers 12 highly cited peer-reviewed medical journals that include the research, clinical reviews, and perspectives shaping the future of medicine. The MarkLogic database helps the JAMA Network team members store, manage, integrate, search and reuse information contained in articles and associated resources, such as video, audio, or figures. These features maximize the usability of the data and provide effective and quick distribution.

“We are especially pleased to see an organization like the AMA, which has such an important mission, embrace the power of new generation technologies like the MarkLogic database to realize the full potential of its data while establishing a powerful infrastructure to meet future data needs,” said Joe Pasqua, executive vice president, Products, MarkLogic. “By building The JAMA Network on the MarkLogic database, the AMA can better leverage its existing and incoming content to more easily keep the medical community up-to-date on practice-changing research. We are eager to see how this agility will bring new benefits as the organization continues to evolve in the way it serves its community.”

About The JAMA Network and the American Medical Association

The JAMA Network brings JAMA together with 11 specialty journals to offer enhanced access to the research, reviews, and perspectives shaping the future of medicine. The American Medical Association is the premier national organization dedicated to empowering the nation’s physicians to continually provide safer, higher quality, and more efficient care to patients and communities. For more than 165 years the AMA has been unwavering in its commitment to using its unique position and knowledge to shape a healthier future for America.

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