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Enterprise Data Integration, Elasticity, and Agility are Top Priorities for HCEG Members

LAS VEGAS – June 14, 2016 – As part of its ongoing leadership efforts in the healthcare industry, MarkLogic Corporation, a leading operational and transactional Enterprise NoSQL database provider, today announced its sponsorship of the HealthCare Executive Group (HCEG). MarkLogic joins industry leaders such as McKesson and NTT Data, as well as leading health plan and provider member organizations, in order to solve various challenges in the healthcare market, with a special emphasis on data integration, agility and customer service. Both organizations are attending AHIP 2016, and will have more information at their booths (HCEG booth #406; MarkLogic booth #640).

“Our goal is to build a trusted community of member and sponsor organizations who contribute to thought leadership and collectively learn, flourish and collaborate on solutions aligned with our Top Ten list—of priorities for health plans. MarkLogic is a natural fit for our organization as we pursue healthcare industry innovation, digital transformation, and data integration initiatives,” says Alan Abramson, Co-Chair of the Board for HCEG. “Working with a data integration leader such as MarkLogic will advance HCEG priorities—achieving meaningful modernization of healthcare infrastructure and operations.”

According to a MeriTalk study, data integration is the number one challenge of healthcare organizations, resulting in $342 billion in lost benefits per year. Another study discovered that healthcare providers commonly ignore 90 percent of the data they generate—a statistic that is unacceptable in today’s data-centric world. Traditional solutions like relational databases, Extract Transform and Load (ETL) tools and data silos are not designed for today’s data challenges and are not agile, timely or cost-efficient (in fact, many medical entities are struggling to eliminate data silos). To resolve these issues and realize additional benefits, healthcare organizations, agencies, suppliers and systems integrators are implementing new generation technologies like the MarkLogic database to integrate data from silos, making their infrastructure more agile in order to surpass business goals. MarkLogic will bring over a decade of data integration expertise to HCEG.

“MarkLogic aligns with industry innovators, which is why we’ve chosen to sponsor HCEG. We have the common goal of collaborating and reshaping the healthcare industry,” stated Bill Gaynor, Healthcare National Director for MarkLogic. “The most impressive aspect of HCEG is that it uniquely combines payer and provider organizations in a way that fosters trust, mutual collaboration and genuine commitment to create value and improve clinical, financial and administrative experiences.”

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