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Lieutenant General Michael D. Maples (Retired), 16th Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, to Keynote Event

SAN CARLOS, Calif. — November 11, 2010 — The growth of unstructured information has given government agencies an opportunity to move beyond the traditional relational databases of the 20th century and move towards a future of collaboration and transparency. On Wednesday, November 17, 2010, government employees and industry experts will meet at the MarkLogic Government Summit to discuss best practices and the importance of implementing technology solutions capable of leveraging unstructured information. The summit is hosted by MarkLogic Corporation, the company revolutionizing the way organizations leverage unstructured information. The event will be held at the Ritz Carlton in Tysons Corner, V.A.

“Relational databases are a great solution for data that fits neatly into rows and columns,” said Chris Biow, Federal CTO, MarkLogic. “Unfortunately, the explosion of unstructured information requires a new solution – a 21st century tool for a 21st century challenge. At this year’s MarkLogic Government Summit, leading government officials will discuss how they’re generating value from unstructured information and why this is critical to mission success.”

Lieutenant General Michael D. Maples, United States Army (retired), will keynote the event and provide insight into the overwhelming amount of unstructured data available to government agencies and the information management challenges this presents. Also keynoting the event, Colonel David W. Sutherland, United States Army, will discuss the “Sea of Goodwill,” an initiative focused on aligning a myriad of organizations with the needs of soldiers and veterans.

Other conference highlights include Devin Holmes, executive director, Warrior Gateway, who will discuss the power of crowd-sourcing and collaboration to help the veteran community. In addition, Noel Yuhanna, principal analyst, Forrester Research, will speak in a session on “Today’s Challenge in Government: What to do with Unstructured Information and Why Doing Nothing isn’t an Option.”

Examples of current government implementations of MarkLogic can be found in the Government Summit Customer Solutions Track. The track will include presentations from The Library of Congress, Berico Technologies, and Codefry, LLC.

Library of Congress is the largest library in the world and is responsible for making its contents available for Congress and the American public. Library of Congress is using MarkLogic to develop a web-based application to search, retrieve and display metadata and digitized documents from the Library’s collections. The benefits include greater simplicity and power in searching the collections of the Library of Congress.

Berico Technologies provides analytic and technology services to the U.S. intelligence and defense communities. MarkLogic powers Coral Reef, a next-generation Berico system to ingest, analyze, present, and alert on the rapidly-evolving nature of forensics data in current conflict zones.

Codefry, LLC has been working with the FAA to develop a web-based Emergency Operations Network, intended for information-sharing. The new infrastructure is build upon existing FAA networks and technologies of the operations framework and uses a joint MarkLogic and Microsoft SharePoint solution.

For more information about MarkLogic or to register, please visit the MarkLogic Government Summit page. The hashtag for the MarkLogic Government Summit is #MLGS10.