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MarkLogic Enables DEAstore.com to Reduce Costs and Expand Products

SAN CARLOS, Calif. — December 15, 2010 — As the holiday shopping season hits full swing, most consumers do not give a second thought to the infrastructure that powers the websites they use most for online shopping. MarkLogic Corporation, the company revolutionizing the way organizations leverage unstructured information, is a critical part of that infrastructure as the power behind DEAstore.com’s online bookstore. MarkLogic was selected as the database of choice after a proof of concept that included a migration of the existing catalog content in less than four days.

DEAstore.com is an Italian eBookstore with over 16 million searchable records in multiple languages. The company prides itself on the completeness of its catalog and is slated to have over 20 million records by the end of the year, as it continues to expand products in other languages. The speed of product searches, accurate indexing, and quality of service are key to DEAstore.com’s business success. MarkLogic Server provided the speed, agility, and scalability that DEAstore.com needed in order to meet consumer expectations and continue product expansion.

“We were keen to improve the performance of our online service and liked what MarkLogic’s database could offer. Our customers come first and we needed to ensure that there was a smooth transition while we made changes,” said Fabrizio Ligi, CEO, DEAstore.com. “MarkLogic came in and impressed us with the speed of the content migration. Our customers are already receiving the benefits of the improvements to our service and the increased catalog we can now offer them.”

MarkLogic’s work with DEAstore.com has had a significant impact on the bottom line by reducing lag time on indexing, decreasing the number of servers from 13 to three, and significantly lowering the number of returns with zero search results. The data in DEAstore.com contains information such as title, ISBN, author, and publisher. It also provides information on the number of copies available from each distributor and price.

“DEAstore.com was challenged with having a multitude of unstructured information that needed to be searchable and made available at a moment’s notice,” said John Pomeroy, vice president of MarkLogic Europe. “The company needed a scalable solution that could provide the most up-to-date information quickly in order to meet customer needs. As a database for unstructured information, MarkLogic was able to accomplish these challenges better than traditional relational databases in a very short timeframe.”

For more information on DEAstore.com, please visit the company’s website at www.deastore.com.

About DEAstore.com

DEAstore.com is an online bookstore selling 10 million books from all over the world plus millions of used books; music CDs/DVDs and electronic games. DEAstore.com is part of DEA Media Group SPA – a leading distributor of International publishing in Italy, supplying bibliographic information and books from all over the World. www.deastore.com; www.deamediagroup.com.

About MarkLogic

The MarkLogic semantic data platform gives Global 2000 and public sector organizations a faster, trusted way to unlock value from complex data and achieve data agility. The unified platform lets organizations securely connect data and metadata, create and interpret meaning, and consume high-quality contextualized data across the enterprise.

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