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Latest Release Offers Improved Agility and Ease-of-Use, Enterprise Grade Robustness, Quick Search and Discovery

SAN CARLOS, Calif. and London — October 19, 2010 — MarkLogic customers and partners are not shy about their praise for MarkLogic 4.2, the latest version of the company’s purpose-built database for unstructured information. MarkLogic Corporation, the company revolutionizing the way organizations leverage unstructured information, today announced that dozens of customers and partners participated in early access trials to fully test the product before today’s launch.

The general consensus is the technological innovations in MarkLogic 4.2 are unlike anything else available in the database market today.

Avalon Consulting, LLC

Avalon is a team of expert-level consultants who provide technical integrations for enterprise-scale internet, intranet, and extranet sites. Avalon enhances leading technical platforms to create first-rate web experiences. Avalon is known for helping public and private sector clients succeed in the deployment of Enterprise Content Management, Enterprise Search and e-Learning.

“MarkLogic 4.2 further cements MarkLogic’s commitment to the developer community,” said Mike Brevoort, enterprise web practice lead, Avalon Consulting, LLC. “There is a continued shift in developers using Apple’s Mac OS X so having the Mac build is key as it allows everyone to build applications in an environment where they are comfortable and productive. As a MarkLogic partner, we’re excited to see the company continue to put a focus on the needs of the developer community. MarkLogic 4.2 is another evolutionary step in a platform that already includes highly demanded features with super high performance, stability, and reliability. By participating in the early access program, we will hit the ground running with MarkLogic 4.2 and have people trained and ready on the new features.”

Berico Technologies

Berico Technologies is a veteran owned company that specializes in providing analytic and technology services to the U.S. Intelligence and Defense communities.

“Berico created a web application built on top of MarkLogic that captures critical information to support tactical site exploitation,” said Dan Janes, director, Berico Technologies. “As devices such as cellular phones evolve, we understand the need to have a flexible data model to support the types of unstructured data captured during military operations. MarkLogic supports this flexibility, providing our team a greater ability to effectively exploit and analyze the data.  Our application will ensure the battalion level and below receive real-time alerting and robust network analysis. MarkLogic 4.2 will provide further improvements to an already outstanding product. We look forward to the enhanced replication features to support multiple instances of the application throughout the world.”

Cengage Learning

Cengage Learning is a leading provider of innovative teaching, learning, and research solutions for the academic, professional, and library markets worldwide.

“New MarkLogic 4.2 features gave us a way to get the business talking about what we are doing right with our content and how we can build on that to create the future of reference publishing,” said Paul Lewon, content systems, Cengage Learning. “MarkLogic 4.2 allowed us to take our raw semantic content and demonstrate powerful features in a very short amount of time.”


Elsevier is a world-leading publisher of scientific, technical, and medical information products and services. The company works in partnership with the global science and health communities to publish more than 2,000 journals.

“MarkLogic continues to round out its search offering with MarkLogic 4.2,” said Darin McBeath, director, disruptive technologies, Elsevier. “MarkLogic 4.2 will definitely use the proximity boost and document length weighting to give more relevant search results across all kinds of searches and documents. I am also excited about finding distinctive terms for a document – that has lots of applications around results clustering and visualization.”

“We’re anxious to get started with MarkLogic 4.2 in full production,” said Stan Jarris, senior MarkLogic DBA, Elsevier. “During our test phase, we could ingest information twice as fast than before. The replication feature in MarkLogic 4.2 solves a lot of problems for us with respect to our business continuity plan. It gives us a way to keep a secondary, high availability database going at all times. We plan to migrate our project, one of the largest online collections of published scientific research in the world, to MarkLogic 4.2 early next year.”

Evan Lenz Consulting

Lenz Consulting Group leverages expertise in XML technologies, content management, publishing workflows, and business processes to repeatedly help companies achieve extraordinary results.

“MarkLogic 4.2 was a pleasure to use and adds the features I’ve been hoping for and look forward to continue using,” said Evan Lenz, president, Lenz Consulting Group, and recognized leader in the field of XML-based publishing. “I plan to use MarkLogic 4.2 in a pro bono project we’re doing for a non-profit school. By directly leveraging our XML skills, MarkLogic 4.2 will enable us to create an application quickly and deliver immediate value. MarkLogic 4.2 provides XSLT support deeply embedded in the database and I view that as a huge win.”

Informatics of America Corporation (ICA)

Informatics Corporation of America (ICA) was established to take innovative technology developed by Vanderbilt Medical Center to the broader healthcare market and now delivers a comprehensive HIE solution to hospitals, IDNs, communities, and states.

“We are thrilled to see MarkLogic 4.2. The product has excellent XSLT support and that makes a lot of tasks we do each day very easy,” said Aaron Stranahan, director, enterprise services, Informatics of America Corporation (ICA). “We are very focused on transforming content for display, and a lot of that content comes pre-bundled with style sheets. MarkLogic 4.2 provides native support so much of what we do is now done inside of MarkLogic. Information Studio is a big differentiator for us as we now have a nice streamlined way for easily loading content and that enables us to work more quickly. MarkLogic 4.2 gives us added functionality in the search engine – yes, it’s a database for unstructured information, but it is also much more. We plan to upgrade to MarkLogic 4.2 as soon as possible.”

Innodata Isogen

Innodata Isogen is a leading provider of knowledge process outsourcing services, as well as publishing and related information technology services.

“We’re excited with the native XSLT support in MarkLogic 4.2,” said Michael Abell, senior vice president, technology services, Innodata Isogen. “There are tasks that are simpler and more intuitive to code in XSLT, and we’ve found some of these tasks now run up to 10 times faster. MarkLogic 4.2 lets us write parts of a program in XSLT or in XQuery, choosing the right tool for the right job, so that we can mix and match XSLT and XQuery in one powerful application.”

Yell is a leading international directories business operating in classified advertising markets in the UK, US, Spain, and Latin America through printed, online, and telephone-based media.

“We are very excited about the replication features in MarkLogic 4.2,” said Graeme Seaton, head of content development, “At Yell, we aggregate information from many different sources, and they all use different formats and terms for the same thing. With MarkLogic 4.2, we are able to consolidate all the information in a single, uniform, distributed repository so our customers will get much more relevant information on every search. We are planning to replicate this information across our different locations so we can quickly and easily respond to local failures or spikes in demand.”

MarkLogic 4.2 is available for download today.