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MarkLogic Speeds the Way Users Find the Latest Legislative Information

SAN CARLOS, Calif. — February 15, 2011 — Following the bills that matter to you or simply gathering more information on the new U.S. Congress that convened in Washington, D.C. earlier this year can now be accomplished more quickly and accurately than ever before. MarkLogic Corporation, the company revolutionizing the way organizations leverage unstructured information, today announced that MarkLogic is powering a new information application for CQ Roll Call, the leading provider of news, facts, and analysis on the legislative process. With the fourth and newest application built on MarkLogic, CQ Roll Call subscribers can now access the wealth of data on the CQ Roll Call website – from congressional videos and hearing transcripts to more than 30 other sources of unstructured information. MarkLogic means users are one click away from highly accurate and fast results about government in action.

MarkLogic is the leading purpose-built database for unstructured information and enables the agility needed to build and deploy next generation information applications. CQ Roll Call’s latest application on MarkLogic enables visitors to the website to access the entire library of information via one search, rather than searching silos, to get to the right information. Whether a user is looking for the latest debate on healthcare, or the most recent vote on a bill of interest, MarkLogic’s ability to consolidate the different types of unstructured information that make up the majority of data on the CQ Roll Call website is why the company relies on MarkLogic technology for new applications.

“Part of what keeps us in business is to be ahead of our competition in terms of what we implement and provide for our users,” said Blend Qatipi, vice president, engineering, CQ Roll Call. “MarkLogic has helped us narrow down searches easily and the response our users get back is faster and cleaner. We are tremendously confident in MarkLogic as a company, a database, and so much more. MarkLogic is growing in the right direction and we are doing something new with the software every year.”

“We are delighted that CQ Roll Call has selected MarkLogic as the foundation for its next-generation information application platform,” said Ken Chestnut, vice president of product marketing, MarkLogic. “By leveraging our capabilities, CQ Roll Call is able to significantly improve how users are able to search and discover information.”

Other information applications that CQ Roll Call has built on MarkLogic include:

  • CQ Legislative Impact — the first implementation of MarkLogic in 2006. By integrating XML content from more than 30 sources, including the Public Laws database and the entire U.S. Code, CQ Legislative Impact lets subscribers see the specific impact of pending or passed legislation on existing laws.
  • CQ Floor Video — the second implementation of MarkLogic assembles closed caption text with video of the U.S. House and Senate while in session. This application combines both the indexing of data and search capabilities of MarkLogic.
  • Politics in America Book — Created every two years when a new congress is sworn in, this book includes all the information on new congressional leaders and is available both online and in print. The publishing layouts don’t require manpower; they are automatically generated and assembled by MarkLogic using XQuery.

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