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FREMONT, Calif. — October 15, 2012 — MarkLogic Corporation, provider of the enterprise NoSQL database, and SGI (NASDAQ: SGI), the trusted leader in technical computing and provider of Hadoop® Big Data solutions, today announced the SGI® DataRaptor™ with MarkLogic® database. An integrated and optimized hardware and software solution, SGI DataRaptor is designed to make it faster and easier for organizations to generate reliable, scalable and secure Big Data results.

SGI DataRaptor is ideally suited for Big Data analysis challenges, sophisticated search and rapid development of applications in financial services, public sector and media and entertainment. The appliance integrates the MarkLogic® enterprise-grade NoSQL database and SGI systems to allow companies and organizations to capture more data and do more with it. Standards-based hardware configurations designed specifically for the MarkLogic database are factory-integrated and tested so that SGI DataRaptor delivers everything needed to support Big Data applications in a single system that is plug-and-play and can be up and running, delivering results in hours, not days.

MarkLogic delivers a powerful and trusted enterprise-grade NoSQL database that enables organizations to turn any and all data into valuable and actionable information. Key features include ACID transactions, horizontal scaling, real-time indexing, high availability, disaster recovery, government-grade security, and built-in search. SGI DataRaptor allows organizations to spend less time sizing up an infrastructure, deploying software and managing hardware and more time building business relevant applications.

“SGI has been providing compute and storage solutions for Big Data for over a decade. Our solutions are enterprise-hardened and can handle any kind of data. SGI DataRaptor is the latest addition to our Big Data portfolio, and is a complete and open platform that is designed to support applications deriving real business value from semi-structured and unstructured data. This is extremely difficult or impossible to do with a traditional relational database,” said SGI CEO Jorge Titinger. “Jointly-developed with MarkLogic, the appliance runs the best-of-breed NoSQL database on a simple to deploy platform: just plug in and go.”

SGI DataRaptor is available starting at five nodes with 80 cores, complete with all software installed, hundreds of terabytes of storage, SSDs for hardware caching, network infrastructure including switches, all integrated in standard racks for datacenter deployment. Technical support for the complete solution is managed via a single support touch point.

“We collaborated closely with the SGI engineering team to tune hardware and software to work optimally together,” said Gary Bloom, CEO of MarkLogic Corporation. “This is one more step in our efforts to make MarkLogic’s powerful and trusted software even more accessible to customers.”

With deployment time reduced from weeks to hours, organizations minimize IT headaches and the administrative overhead of managing Big Data and can focus instead on getting real ROI from multiple sources of data. SGI DataRaptor makes it possible to develop and deploy Big Data applications in record time, making the monetization of content and the ability to leverage data sources like social media in decision-making a reality.

SGI DataRaptor comes in two configurations addressing either maximum performance or maximum capacity needs. Servers come with over 300 processing cores and over 2600GB of memory, and storage ranging from 300 to over 500TB of data capacity. SGI DataRaptor is available for order today.

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MarkLogic helps customers create value from complex data faster. Our platform ingests data from any source, creating and refining metadata to support powerful models. Customers use these models for deep search and query, building enterprise applications and bringing unique insights to analytics and machine learning.

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