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Your Top Questions – Answered

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What are the latest features in MarkLogic 11?

With MarkLogic 11, we’ve introduced more ways to integrate with your data ecosystem and additional features to help you analyze your multi-model data in new ways. And, we’ve made MarkLogic even easier to deploy, manage, and audit – including in the Cloud.

For more detail, see the info sheet and release notes.

Yes, MarkLogic CEO Jeff Casale and other MarkLogic executives will give an overview of MarkLogic 11 and the future of our agile platform.

Visit our BrightTalk channel to register.

The AMI will be available on the AWS marketplace in the next few weeks

See the Installation Guide.

If you’re upgrading to MarkLogic 11 from a previous version, see the upgrading section of the Installation Guide.

All MarkLogic Server customers who have a current subscription license and/or support contract can upgrade to this new version. 

MarkLogic can be run in Docker containers and is available for download from Docker Hub. EA2 of the MarkLogic Kubernetes capability that is currently under development is available on GitHub .

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