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MarkLogic 11

The best data platform for complex data and metadata management is now even better.

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Meet MarkLogic 11

Unlock the Value of Your Complex Data with a Unified Data Platform

MarkLogic 11 includes extended platform capabilities, enhanced multi-model analytics, and more flexible deployment and management. Now, it’s even easier to simplify your complex data and achieve data agility with MarkLogic.

Analyze Multi-Model Data in New Ways

Extended Optic API capabilities for geospatial analysis, queries at scale, and BI analysis.

Easily Connect to Your Data Ecosystem

New capabilities for integration with BI and GIS tools, and support for industry standards like GraphQL.

Manage & Monitor Growing Data Volumes​

Health check at a glance, enhanced HA, and new Section 508-compliant UI.

Ensure Data Security

New option for external authentication with OAuth, plus other security enhancements.

Support Cloud Strategies

Docker and Kubernetes support, for deploying MarkLogic in containerized environments.

Continued Improvements

Additional enhancements to security, document queries, diagnostics, performance, and other features.

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