Learn to build three-tier applications using the MarkLogic Java client API.

  • Duration: Three 8 hour class periods
  • Format: Instructor-led course with hands-on labs
  • Availability: Live online, public classes, private onsite
  • Audience: Developers
  • Prerequisites:

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Attendees completing this course will be able to:

  1. Setup and configure a MarkLogic instance and describe the architecture of a MarkLogic cluster.
  2. Deploy the Samplestack application and understand deployment automation.
  3. Use the Samplestack application and study the implementation of application functionality in the middle tier using the MarkLogic Java client API.
  4. Explore the Samplestack front end implemented in AngularJS.
  5. Use the MarkLogic REST APIs.
  6. Use the Java client API to create database clients, document managers and handles for working with JSON, XML, Full Text, Binary and RDF data in MarkLogic.
  7. Load and manage documents and metadata using the Java client API and MarkLogic Content Pump.
  8. Create full text and geospatial search queries.
  9. Implement query options to customize search results.
  10. Implement structured queries.
  11. Build a three tier application using the Java client API to implement custom search grammar, facets, pagination, search snippets and highlighting.
  12. Configure database indexes.
  13. Implement a role based security model and configure permissions and privileges.
  14. Write server side JavaScript code and study its use for extensions in Samplestack.
  15. Write SPARQL queries against RDF triple data.
  16. Describe the technologies and architecture for High Availability and Disaster Recovery in MarkLogic.

Course Units

This course has the following units:

  • MarkLogic in a Three Tiered Architecture
  • MarkLogic Server Architecture
  • Using the REST APIs
  • Security
  • Database Clients, Document Managers, and Handles
  • Loading and Managing Data
  • Search
  • Indexes
  • Faceted Search and Structured Query
  • Sorts, Snippets, Highlights, and Pagination
  • Database Transactions
  • Introduction to Server Side JavaScript
  • Geospatial Search and Indexing
  • Introduction to Semantics
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery
  • Exploring an AngularJS Front End
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