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A Stronger Navy Starts With Better Data

Navy Guided Missile Destroyer Uss Higgins
Take Control of Your Data

 Connect the Dots Faster Than Ever

To empower the warfighter and sustain forward presence, you need a better way to integrate data across the enterprise at mission critical speed. Stand-alone applications with relational database silos? Or leaning on open-source DIY technology? You’re risking a fragmented view of the operational command or degrading your competitive advantage.

Enter MarkLogic Data Hub. It is the simplest, fastest, and most cost-effective way to integrate and securely share complex data to those who need, when they need it. All while avoiding costly multi-year deployment processes.

Logistics Managment – A 360° View

Logistics operators lack the necessary information to effectively manage inventory and material assets along the supply chain.

The MarkLogic Data Hub for Logistics Management provides a more complete operational view for making data-based material asset and personnel resource decisions. Accelerate mission effectiveness.


USS Peleliu and USS Spruance conduct a replenishment at sea with USNS Rainier
Animated diagram to show Mission Readiness

Stay ready. Be prepared.

Whether your mission is training, combat, or maintenance, MarkLogic Data Hub helps you to predict outages or lapses in mission readiness so you can pivot before they occur – track asset, personnel, and technician availability.

Take control of your data.

MarkLogic Data Hub in Three Easy Steps

The platform provides the Navy with a simple, cost-effective way to integrate unstructured data and secure intelligence advantage.

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Predictive Analytics & Maintenance with AI

Solving the Navy’s Problems

The public sector have a lot to gain from AI, from predictive analytics to autonomous systems such as unmanned drones, and even logistics management. At the end of the day, being able to securely share data at mission-critical speeds is one of the most important goals.

US Navy Aircraft Carrier